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Any Vintage 60-Series Nissan Patrol 4x4 Owners Ready to Join a Forum?

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Everyone knows the Nissan Pathfinder, Xterra and other Nissan SUVs.  A few of us recall the original NIssan Patrol 60-series, a rugged alternative to the vintage FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser.  To time stamp this model, the last Nissan Patrol sold in the U.S. market during 1969... 


Being a traditional Land Cruiser buff, I always enjoyed stumbling onto a vintage Nissan Patrol.  If you have one and would like to share details, consider joining this forum!  It would be great to discuss your interest in the Nissan Patrol.  Have you restored it?  Modified the vehicle?  What about parts availability and service access?


I'm curious whether many of these U.S. spec models remain intact and unmodified.  We see FJ40s often in pristine, original condition or restored to that state.  Is this true of the U.S. Nissan Patrol?


Join the forums and let us know the scope and interest level around these classic 4x4s.  Has your vintage Nissan Patrol done major trail runs?  If so, where?  How many folks have an interest in these Datsun-era 4x4s? 


Looking for a moderated, sensible forum to discuss your Nissan 4x4?  It would be great to see photos—membership (for free) entitles access and secure photo uploads...or provide a link to your photo bucket!



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