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Is the Toyota Tundra 4WD the Best Truck in the Market?

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We live at a semi-rural town, and Toyota 4x4s dot the landscape and roads as far as the eye can see! 


Last week, I was walking our tri-mix Australian Shepherd, Maggie, across a field to the local Starbucks, her favorite hangout.  Over a quarter-mile away, I could see a lifted, white-red-and black truck standing tall on big tires.  From a distance, I thought, "Ford, Chevy or Dodge Ram?...That's a big, aggressive looking truck!"


Well, it was a Tundra, and it did look tough!  We have Tundras in the family, one brother-in-law pulls a travel trailer.  He's talked about front brake rotor issues but otherwise been thrilled with the truck...


Toyota earned its way into the full-size light truck market, and it took a long time to develop a vehicle they would call a Toyota 4x4 pickup!  I worked with the I-Force engine close-up at the launch of the Sequoia.  John Davis (PBS Motorweek fame) and I were commissioned to do the national point-of-sale dealership introduction DVD for this model and other Toyota truck/SUV models.  On film, I emphasized the I-Force V-8 gains.


I'd like to know what you're doing with your Toyota 4x4 pickup, the Tundra or Tacoma—or 4Runner.  Let's get that conversation going, right here at this forum—and get others to join!



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