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If you weld or cut metal, you need consumable items...In addition to filler materials, the MIG nozzles, tips, TIG electrodes, cups, diffusers, shielding, plasma torch pieces and a host of other parts get consumed during normal welding and cutting processes.

For years now, HTP America products have been prominent at the magazine's welding shop/studio.  Fabricators rely upon HTP America welding and other equipment, and HTP America is also a surprisingly well-stocked source for consumablesand not just for the HTP America line of equipment.  HTP America has expanded into quality consumables for many popular welders, including Miller, Century, Hobart and, yes, even Harbor Freight!

Invertig 221 has an a variety of adjustments with ready access from the control panel.

This is our HTP Invertig 221 machine at the magazine's shop studio.  The liquid cooled machine replaced a bulletproof HTP Invertig 201 that delivered exceptional service.  If you need reliability and performance in an easy to use inverter TIG machine, the Invertig 221 unit with cooler option deserves your attention!  Here are all of the details:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/moses-ludels-4wd-mechanix-magazine-htp-america-invertig-221-stick-tig-welder/.

Torch without the electrode in place   Pyrex and gas lens filter

For consumables, we also turn to HTP America.  These consumable service components for the 221 torch are readily available from HTP America!

Hobart Piecemaker MIG Welding Parts Photo 

 HTP Piecemaker Conversion (400x158).jpg

At top are the common Piecemaker (Miller and Hobart application) consumables that we have sourced from HTP America for years.  Piecemaker parts are no longer readily available, and HTP America offers a retrofit kit (bottom photo) that uses a currently available and common nozzle.  See the HTP America listings for your welder's needs!

Replacement Parts for Harbor Freight Plasma 30 & 36 Torches Photo  Pyrex Cup Kit for 17, 18 & 26 Series TIG Torches Photo

Consumers find the HTP America consumables and sizing "kits" especially useful and handy.  These are well conceived and binned boxes with a commonly used array of pieces to service a particular machine.  We rely on HTP America for our Hobart Beta-MIG 170 consumables, including the Piecemaker conversion kit that is now available.  One-stop shopping at http://www.usaweld.com!

HTP Invertig-201 (191x400).jpg  HTP 221-TIG (153x400).jpg 

The liquid cooled HTP America Invertig 201 (at left) was our first use of an HTP America TIG machine.  This unit was bulletproof, and we replaced it with the equally reliable and compact Invertig 221 (at right).  Considering TIG for the first time?  Consider a used HTP America Invertig 201 machine in good condition or the latest line of new Invertig 221 machines.  This user friendly, energy efficient design will deliver!  Service parts are readily available from HTP America.

Whether you have a newer or earlier HTP America machine or any other popular brand TIG, MIG or plasma cutter, parts are available from HTP America.  If you weld and need consumable supplies and parts for your welding gun or torches, visit HTP America and check out the online or print catalogs.  You'll be impressed!  Go to: http://usaweld.com.


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