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Pilot portable battery pack.


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Normally, i don't do many reviews of things i buy, but, this one is different, as well as being one i bought initially for a different use than what was intended, but it surpassed all of what i expected out of it. Lowes calls it the Pilot portable lithium ion battery pack, and, so far, the only place i have found it is Lowes. Pilot calls it the all weather power bank. I initially bought it, simply because it has a high and low setting LED light, and can be recharged in a car, or by most standard house phone chargers. However, after having it for almost a year now, some of the things i have learned is that, not only is it water resistant, it can also withstand short term immersion in transmission fluid and oil (don't ask, i'm a klutz at times), as well as being left on in the snow for 4 hours, without any harm to it, and, if you only use it as a flashlight, even on the high setting, it can go a year between recharges, even after leaving it on for long periods of time, such as overnight a couple times. When i first bought it, i was just looking for a reliable, decent, reasonably priced light that i could use in dark places when working on vehicles. I have had Dewalt, Craftsman, and a few other rechargeable flashlights, that never seem to last, and cost a lot more than the Pilot one did. One downside was that it had no real way to attach it to a vehicle to make it hands free, so, i used an epoxy, and attached a couple small magnets on the back side, that work very well for what i do. As for using it to charge a dead phone, i really have never had a need for it, but, i figured i would try it a few times just to see what it would do, so, i let an old phone of mine completely die, plugged it in to the Pilot, and it recharged it completely, in a bit less time than the regular house charger would have taken. I know there are cheaper battery packs available, although, this one was less than $18, but, so far, this is the first one i have tried that actually worked the way it was intended, and still goes longer between recharges than any other one we have tried yet.


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