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1994 Ford F150 4x4 Transmission Slipping

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I have a 94 5.8 F-150 automatic, the transmission has been slipping when i drive it for more than 20 minutes. It starts off perfect but somtimes it doesnt get the gear and it starts to slip and rarely it does not slip at all. Engine is working perfect and no issues with the truck at all its only the transmission. I dont want to take it to a transmission shop because im afraid they will lie to me. Can anybody guide me on how to address this problem, thank you

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jcalvo8...Welcome to the forums...Before taking this question further, there is a lengthy discussion at the forums on E4OD problems.  Please read through these exchanges.  Glad to take if from there if you cannot find a specific answer for your truck's symptoms:




Pleased to help here...



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