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Advance Adapters Clutch Linkage for Stock 1965 Jeep CJ-5 F134

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On page 247 of Moses Ludel's Jeep CJ Rebuilder's Manual: 1946-71, he indicates that Advanced Adapters' chain linkage can be installed on a 4-cylinder early CJ...In the current Advance Adapters catalog #43, page 35 indicates that part number 716640 is for 1941-1971 Jeep but says “will not work on a stock 4 cylinder application."


I called Advance Adapters, and they seem to think it will not work unless it was somehow modified...I would like to install this linkage kit if it will work...

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Hi, Greevesman, welcome to the forums! 


My recollection has the release arm for Jeep 4-cylinder models using a smaller cable attachment hole in the arm.  When I used the OE release arm, the hole/slot required slight modification.  My use of a modified Centerforce clutch cover (i.e., a Ford Pinto clutch cover with 0.100” shaved by Centerforce from the pressure plate face, flywheel re-drilled and tapped to accept the Pinto clutch cover, a correct diameter Centerforce disc with splines to match the transmission input splines and the correct release bearing for the clutch cover fingers) may have changed the required clutch release throw, so let’s look at that possibility…The stock 4-cylinder release arm is shorter than the V-6 type.  This changes the release throw, and this may impact the ratio with the stock through-the-floor pedal.  The Advance Adapters chain linkage worked fine for my installation, using these clutch parts.


Suggestion: Ask Advance Adapters about the diameter of the cable end where it attaches to the release arm.  If they share a figure that is bigger than the release arm hole, that’s one reason for the taboo about 4-cylinder applications.  (The V-6 models use a Buick-type release arm with a different end hole size than early Willys/Jeep applications.)  The other concern is the throw or travel of the chain when using the stock attachment lever at the pedal. 


Ask Advance Adapters for the chain travel (length of movement) at the release arm when using the stock clutch pedal and its lever.  (The pedal lever is where the spherical/Heim joint of the Advance Adapters’ chain attaches to the pedal.)  If the chain travel or ratio of the linkage is wrong for the short clutch release arm and stock clutch, this could be an issue.  On my installation, the pedal travel and stock clutch pedal worked well.  The pedal height can be adjusted slightly to compensate for some throw.


Advance Adapters and others will benefit from our exchange.  I would like to know how this could (or could not) work out in your installation, whether you can use the Advance Adapters chain linkage kit with strictly stock clutch pieces.  Looking forward to your update and any comments from others who have improved their clutch linkage on a vintage Jeep!



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