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Help with Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit on 2002 XR650R Honda Motorcycle


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I just installed the Baja Designs dual sport kit on my 2002 XR650R and am having troubles.  I have 4 leads coming from the stator (bought the bike used) - 1 green, red/black, brown, green/white and light blue.  The Red/black and brown go to the wiring harness and haven't been touched.


The green and white go to the stock AC regulator.  The green/white one and the light blue one go to the wiring harness and connect to a green wire (green/white) and a dark blue/white wire (light blue).


The instructions say to connect the white leads coming from the stator to the orange and white wires from the Baja Designs dual sport harness.  Since there are not two white wires coming from the stator I connected the green/white one and the lt. blue ones to the orange and white wire.  When I do this the bike will not start.  I assume it is because there is no power going from the stator to the coil via the green and dark blue/white wires in the wiring harness. I don't know for sure but when I reconnect the wires from the stator to the green and dark blue/white wires the bike starts on the second or third kick.  I even have the key from the Baja Designs kit hooked up so that it will kill the engine when off and allow it so start when on.


Regardless of how I have the wires connected I do not have any lights or horn.  I think the battery in the Baja kit may be dead but it's hard to tell.  I tested it with a test light and got nothing.  I'm suspicious that the battery is dead since I just received the kit a day or two ago but who knows?  I can't find a better reason for absolutely nothing working.


Any ideas?  I'm at a loss.  As I said, I bought the bike used so don't know the history but it looks like the stator was rewound but I can't find any reference on the internet to these colored wires.


Thanks in advance for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums, ripatte, let's get that XR650R in operational dual-sport mode! 


My previously owned XR650R came with a stock stator and an earlier Baja Designs kit without a key, considered the "Classic".  I learned quickly that the battery is imperative for at least continuity.  I checked all wiring out before condemning the battery pack.  These are tricky battery packs, NiCad, and can only be charged with the 0.5A charger offered through Baja Designs.  (This charger is also available elsewhere though I purchased mine through Baja Designs.)  Even my Battery Tender at .75A could not be entrusted with the charging task on this stack of NiCads.  The CTEK chargers that I just evaluated for the magazine won't work with NiCad, either.


Beyond that, your concern is the stator and wiring plus whether the stator has been rewound for higher output.  Being a non-dual sport prior to your ownership, the only incentive for higher output would be added lighting.  Or maybe the cycle did have a conversion kit at one time?


In any case, the staff at Baja Designs is very well informed and willing to help if you can't wade through this issue.  In the meantime, to give you some reading material and perhaps an insight or a fact that you need, here are four PDFs from the Baja Designs library:


1) http://www.bajadesigns.com/tech-info/dual-sport-kit-faq


2) http://www.bajadesigns.com/docs/tech-info/installation-instructions-for-rewound-stator-on-xr650r-with-quick-release-dual-sport-kit.pdf?sfvrsn=4


3) http://www.bajadesigns.com/docs/tech-info/installation-instructions-for-rewound-stator-on-xr650r-with-classic-dual-sport-kit.pdf?sfvrsn=4


4) http://www.bajadesigns.com/docs/tech-info/xr650r-dual-output-rewind---no-dual-sport-kit.pdf?sfvrsn=4


Read through these PDFs, I did more than once, and if nothing else, you'll be way up the learning curve on XR650R dual-sport kits and wondering whether you need a stator rewind.  If you don't have a high draw headlamp and are using the standard Watt hi-lo lamp that comes with the Baja Designs basic kit, I can attest that the stock stator is sufficient.  If you raise the output of the headlight, you're leaning into the realm of a rewind for the stator. 


If you have a burning desire to know whether the stator is rewound or reworked, remove the stator cover and note how many coil windings are now involved in the output.  Generally, the wires coming out of the stator housing provide a clue as to whether the stator is stock or rewound, saving the trouble of removing the stator cover.  Keep in mind, though, that there are some who rewind their own stator, which could confuse the wiring scheme and color coding.  Don't suspect a rewind or strange wiring just yet, start with identifying what stock wires and color coding should be.  And check the battery pack for continuity and voltage.


The Baja Designs contact phone number ((760) 560-BAJA (2252) can link you to helpful staff.  Hours are Pacific Time 8:30 to 5:30, I have called mid-morning or mid-afternoon Pacific Time for best results.  Call with as much information as you can muster, and the staff can quickly help you reach a solution...


Your findings and that solution will be valued by others, so let us know how this resolves.  We'd like to learn more about your XR650R motorcycle, too!



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