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Putting a overhead console in my XJ.


Before I tear it apart , are the mounting holes for the console already under the headliner? The xj does not have a console in it from the factory. Also what wires or harness do I need to get with it and is it possible to plug and play.




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Mary, who made the console?  Is this a genuine Jeep factory unit or aftermarket?  If it's universal aftermarket, you'd be on your own. 


I pulled the entire 2000 Jeep XJ Cherokee model year accessories section from a Mopar genuine parts catalog.  There was no console offered as a Mopar Accessory.  Here is a PDF of that section:


2000 XJ Cherokee Factory Accessories.pdf


I dug deeper and found the factory overhead console that was original equipment on some 2000 model year Jeep XJ Cherokees.  Here are the details:


2000 XJ Cherokee Factory Overhead Console.pdf


The parts manual also has these pages about the headliner and upper trim moldings.  Note that there are a number of headliner part numbers that reflect different trim and accessories:


2000 XJ Cherokee Factory Headliner and Trim.pdf


As for mounting hardware above the headliner, there must be something to support a factory console.  Whether the actual hardware is there or just the sheet metal plates for installing the hardware is not clear.  A shop manual would only cover how to remove the factory console and put it back in place.  The manual would relate to that work as factory equipment. 


The only sure way to know if there is existing hardware would be to carefully lower your headliner after removing the trim moldings.  Or, you could see if there is a recycling yard with an XJ Cherokee like yours, either equipped with the console or not.  If the headliner can be dropped or is already down, you could confirm what kind of provision Jeep made for mounting the overhead console.


It's hard to imagine that the headliner itself supports the overhead console.  More likely there is a provision for through-hardware that goes into sheet metal supports.  Let us know what you find here.


The PDFs clarify the parts layout.  Be very careful when you fiddle with the headliner and overhead wiring.  There is the existing wires for your overhead dome and reading lamp system.  Removing the headliner, and especially drilling holes, would not be advisable unless you know exactly where the wiring is above the headliner.  Again, it may be helpful to carefully drop your headliner and see what's up there!



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