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In your How-to: Rebuilding a Jeep AX15 Transmission—Disassembly & Inspection you have a bench top jaw vise that’s holding the trans up off the table for better access. What is the proper name of this holding vise and would you know where something like that can be purchased?

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DMD, welcome to the forums, and thanks for your topic...The device you see is a "Bench Mule" by Mark Williams Enterprises.  Here is a direct link to the product:  http://www.markwilliams.com/detail.aspx?ID=990.  I first used my Bench Mule for a book project, and it has been a valuable resource ever since.  For transmission, axle, third member, steering gear and other service work, the device supports substantial weight and moves to a variety of positions for extraordinary access and ease of movement and parts handling.  I've spun Spicer 44 complete axle housing and gear assemblies around on the Bench Mule—with my fingers!


I have used my MW Bench Mule for complete Spicer/Dana Jeep axle builds and hefty transmission rebuilds like the iron Buick Dynaflow and Packard Ultramatic assemblies, transfer case rebuilding, smaller items like Saginaw steering gears and power pumps, and of course, manual transmissions like the AX15 you see in the illustrations.  For photography and avoiding manual lifting, for convenience and durability, or for simplifying unit repairs, this device cannot be beat! 


Mark Williams originally designed the unit for 9-inch Ford racing axle third member/center section service.  I would like to add that this innovative tool can ease and cut time on every kind of geartrain rebuilding chore for light-duty truck, Jeep and passenger car work.  It will pay for itself quickly...


My MW Bench Mule has been "tested" way beyond its design intent and still delivers the exceptional service it did well over a decade ago.  Thanks, Mark Williams, for building such a versatile, quality tool!  Any shop, whether a service garage or serious hobbyist, will discover that the MW Bench Mule can revolutionize automotive geartrain and other service work—and don't forget motorcycle and other OHV engine/transmission rebuilding!


You will see this tool involved in transmission, axle, transfer case and steering gear work throughout the magazine's website articles and my Jeep Rebuilder's Manuals.



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