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Everyone knows the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. The 60-series Nissan Patrol was a 'sixties contender in the U.S. The Nissan 60-series has a similar profile and stance to the FJ40, with nearly the same dimensions. The Toyota FJ-series and Nissan Patrol each offered an OHV six-cylinder inline gasoline engine. The Nissan P engine enjoys a worldwide reputation, some say superior to the FJ40 2F engine. Both are "under-square" (smaller bore than stroke length), high torque designs. 


The vintage 60-series Patrol had features that deserved a reasonable market share in the U.S., and the Nissan Patrol was a global product that did well in other markets. Unfortunately, lack of sales, compared to the FJ40 in particular, discouraged Nissan from selling the Patrol in the U.S. after 1969. The name "Patrol" also applies to other Nissan products offered at Australia, Europe and outside the U.S. Notably, the 60-series has become an icon among restorers. 


The first real Nissan effort at a 4WD SUV was the Pathfinder, introduced in 1986. A V-6 3.0L option was common for the press corps test vehicles, and I tested the new model on behalf of OFF-ROAD Magazine. This was my first real exposure to a Japanese high-tech OHC V-6, and the vehicle's performance was quite impressive at the time. The VG30i engine made 138 horsepower in U.S. form, and this propelled the Pathfinder down I-5 readily, due largely to the engine's relatively quick torque rise.


Nissan's Pathfinder had a terrific following that led to the modern Xterra. The Xterra takes the vehicle to another level for multipurpose SUV use: a companion for recreation, four-wheeling and an outdoor lifestyle! In this forum, owners share a variety of experiences and insights on modifications and upgrades that fit lifestyle niches for these Nissan 4x4s!—Moses Ludel 

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