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Cant shift into 2nd or 4th on my rebuilt AX15

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I took apart my transmission a while ago due to a problem I had where I was getting stuck in neutral. Later I realized that the problem was most likely the master cylinder and not the transmission. After putting the transmission back together and replacing the master cylinder the problem went away but now I can't seem to shift into 2nd or 4th gear when the vehicle is running. When I put the transmission back together I didn't check the tolerances. If those are out of spec could that be causing the problems with 2nd and 4th gear? Any thoughts or resources on the matter would be appreciated. 



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Zeke Cheek...Can you shift into the other gears without a problem?  When shifted into one of the other gears, does the clutch pedal come off the floor some before it starts to engage?  Is the clutch disengaging completely?

If not the clutch, check out my video, it's been helpful as a step-by-step guide for teardown, inspection, checking tolerances and proper assembly of an AX15:


Watch the video and see if you catch something that might have been missed during your assembly work.  If the transmission shifted well after assembly then stopped shifting into 2nd and 4th as you describe, it could be either clutch disengagement or something misaligned.  This could include loose transmission to bellhousing or bellhousing to block bolts, a binding pilot bearing in the crankshaft or loose internals in the transmission.  Before diving into those issues, see whether the floor shifter boot is preventing the shifter from moving far enough into 2nd and 4th.  That issue is common with lift kits that lower the skid plate/transfer case.


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