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1993 F-150 5.0 with a E40D that wont shift

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I own a 1993 F150 with a 5.0 E40D that is experiencing shifting issues. The truck was functioning as usual until the following morning. When I engage the drive mode, the transmission seems normal but fails to shift into 2nd gear, causing the RPM to continually rise. However, when I manually select 2nd gear, it shifts successfully.

I don't believe the issue lies with the rear differential speed sensor, as my speedometer is functioning correctly. Additionally, I've inspected the transmission fluid, which appears normal and shows no signs of burning.


I would greatly appreciate any assistance, as I rely on this truck for work.

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Hi, Junior...There are 83 exchanges on Ford E4OD transmission troubleshooting at these forums.  In the search box, use the word "E4OD" to see four pages of search leads.  You will find exchanges like this one: 

We have discussed shift issues similar to yours, troubleshooting steps and possible cures.  Most models are like yours, pre-OBD-II with E4OD transmissions.  Look through the exchanges for ideas.  At the end of the day, some fixes are electrical sensors and some become more difficult to diagnose.  Narrowing down sensor-related troubles does require a scan tool that can read your 1993 Ford F-truck and its PCM.  The first step is retrieving stored codes.

After reviewing the exchanges and ideas on how to get rid of your missing second gear shift, let us know your findings.  If you have further questions beyond what's covered in these discussions, we're here to answer.


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