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1937 ATT work truck found

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I found this truck not in a barn but in a packed full garage. It is a 1937 IHC work truck. It has all the badges of the original ATT work or service truck. I am in discussions with the owner to buy it. I was allowed to lift the dust and dirt covered tarp so I could take 2 pictures. I am in hopes that some one could point me in the right direction towards a more note worthy conversation. Jim

IH Truck.jpg

IH truck 2.jpg

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87gn...This is a rare find.  The vehicle is a classic, valuable in restored, original "AT&T" work truck form.  I'm partial to I-H, and the model is representative of the Depression Era light trucks.

A neighbor went to the Hot August Nights (Reno, Nevada) auction last week.  In addition to 600 cars and trucks, they were selling thirties and twenties "work" vehicle doors decked with faded, hand-painted company logos.  Bare doors were selling for a small fortune.  My very first car was a stone stock '33 Ford Tudor bought from a recycling yard in 1962. (I was 13-years-old, and my brother-in-law negotiated the deal.)  The car's suicide doors were sign-painted with very faded "Von's Perfume".  As memorabilia, those doors would be worth quite a bit today! 

If even for sale, what would you do with the vehicle?  Restore the Cornbinder to original form?  I'd cross fingers that a wealthy street rodder doesn't buy it and put the body shell on a custom frame with Corvette running gear.  The body style is unique and alluring!


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