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Jack kit for 1982 pickup and mud flaps

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Ok, I have a couple of exciting noob questions. I have a 1982 Toyota 4WD pickup that did not have a jack kit. I found a full kit with the pouch that hold  the tools. Is this supposed to be located behind one of the seats? My truck has no mounting hardware. Also, I have the long bar with the hook on the end. I believe this is what is used to lower the spare tire. Where does this tool go? 

 Next question, I’m currently looking for some mud guards. My truck has two mounting holes for the rear guards. There are no other mounting holes or brackets on the rear fender wells. Is this correct? Or is there supposed to be another support for the the guards to screw in to? I’m trying to make sure I’m not missing some mounting supports.

All help is appreciated, thanks. 

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Jason...I looked through all of my Toyota service books from your era.  Anything mechanical, service related specifications or shop procedures are in my Toyota service manual archives.  Sometimes the factory owner's manual (glovebox book) has these details, but Toyota did not include that information in handbooks from your era.  The jack stowage point is not shown.

This information would be body related parts.  A Toyota dealership parts illustration or schematic drawing should have the details you need, including the mud flap mounting method.  3rd Generation 1979-83 parts should be similar.  If your local Toyota dealership's parts department has coverage that far back, you should find answers.

As I recall, there is a metal strap plate that holds the jack to the floorboard behind the seat.  That strap plate may be included in your tool kit, it would be flat with a hump for the jack handle.  Again, dealership parts personnel should have precise answers.  Perhaps a forum member can add information here and even some photos.

Whenever I work on or restore a vehicle, my first step is to find a factory shop/service manual and, if possible, a factory parts catalog with schematic drawings.  eBay can be a good source for these books, though availability is a matter of timing.  My preference is first generation factory books.  Bentley Publishers (my book publisher) did produce an in-depth service manual that offered considerable material.  That book was done by Bentley staff in-house and is the Toyota Pickup & 4Runner Service Manual 1978-87.  I have a copy, but like the Toyota FSMs, there is no mention of the jack stowage method or location.  I did not provide these details in my Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner's Bible™, either.

Regarding all things mechanical, I've got your back.  Does your truck have a 4- or 5-speed transmission?  The early 4x4 5-speeds had issues with the transmission's input gear bearing.  There were warranty upgrade/supercede bearings available in the mid-eighties, and eventually these transmissions received a larger input bearing.  4x4s and diesel powered models experienced the bearing failure.


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