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Need to Remove a Seized Carburetor Stud


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bobsuk88...PB Blast or other penetrants are fine on the stud, but do not apply heat, flame or sparks this close to a carburetor with gasoline or gasoline fumes...Looks like enough room for two nuts on that stud.  You will need thinner nuts than the flange nut at the right side stud.  Make sure the nuts are the correct metric thread.

Using the two thinner nuts without a washer, run the first nut down as far as practical.  Run the second nut down against the first nut.  Hold the top nut with a wrench to keep it from backing off as you turn the bottom nut counterclockwise.

The lower nut will lock against the bottom of the top nut.  If you have the two nuts tight enough, you can continue rotating the lower nut (only) counterclockwise; keep the two nuts tightly together.  Turning the lower nut counterclockwise should break the stud loose.

There are stud removal tools, but they typically take up space and have a serrated jaw that will chew the threads off this stud.  If you need to remove the stud intact for reuse, try the method I suggest.  It usually works. 

The top nut, in effect, is  a "jam nut".  A jam nut is often thinner than the main (lower) nut.  Its purpose is to lock the lower nut in place.  If you can catch at least three threads with the top nut, this should work.

Let us know how this turns out...


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