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Dr. Z YJ Springs mounting kit


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IDAHOAN...I just checked out this kit and was pleased to discover the degree of sophistication and engineering that went into this product.  The complete kit would make a difference if within your budget.  The construction looks good.

As for the "why", the longer springs are a distinct improvement for ride quality and handling.  Shorter springs create the up-and-down "buckboard" effect, especially with suspension lift springs.  YJ springs are often fitted to CJs along with a front axle shackle reverse kit installation at the same time.  I have always been an advocate of front spring shackle reversals on the Jeep CJ and YJ 4x4s.

In considering the Samurai, I would also expect some gain in roll resistance with the wider YJ springs.  The Samurai's short wheelbase and a high C.G. are a known recipe for rolling over.  The best way to offset this is with a wider track width, and many go to wide axles; Toyota 4x4 beam pickup axles are one popular route.  Dana axles are an option and available in various widths.  Get the track width wide enough to stabilize C.G., get used to the short wheelbase "sprint car" handling, and the Samurai has great potential with the right power under the hood.



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