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03 jeep liberty sport code p1776

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my 03 liberty sport, started feeling like it was lagging every now and then. after couple weeks, it started sounding rough, almost like spitting and sputtering, auto zone ran test it gave code p1776. Couple days  later, now it also shifting real hard, sometimes not wanting to leave 2nd gear, if I can get it up to 50mph it shakes real bad.   I'm a single mom on a budget. I've usually google or utube what I gotta do and do it myself. but there are so many different site telling me different things. wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

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bobby80...I looked for this code and common troubles associated with it.  Your transmission is the 42RLE used in the Liberty and Jeep TJ/JK models.  Here's the Chrysler technical service bulletin rundown for a P1776 Code (DTC).  It points primarily to transmission, valve body and solenoid issues, but I wouldn't go there yet...My comments are in red:

"DTC P1776 will set if transmission senses LR pressure switch closing while actuating Torque Converter Clutch (TCC).  With 2 unsuccessful attempts made to actuate TCC, DTC will set.  EMCC is inhibited and transmission system will default to orderly shutdown routine.  This DTC may take up to 5 minutes to detect before illuminating MIL.



*Transmission control relay output circuit open.

*LR pressure switch sense circuit open.

*LR pressure switch sense circuit shorted to ground.

*LR pressure switch sense circuit shorted to voltage.

*DTC P0841 present.

*Faulty TCM.

*Incorrect fluid level.

*Defective oil pump.

*Internal transmission problem (SSV stuck)"

Most online discussion about this code leans toward a valve body or solenoid switch issue within the transmission.  Before plunging into a transmission valve body or solenoid repair, there are some peripheral issues related to this code.  For one thing, the rough running you describe could be putting the Liberty into limp home mode.  This could activate a 2nd gear hold.  The "shaking" and "spitting and sputtering" sounds engine related.  I would want to eliminate the engine behavior before condemning  or diving into the transmission or valve body.

How many miles are on this engine and transmission?  Has the engine been tuned or serviced?  Is the engine running hot or hotter than usual?  That could be a transmission or engine cooling problem.  Some experience the P1776 code from transmission overheating.

The spark plugs on the Liberty 3.7L V6 are difficult to access and get neglected.  A dirty air filter can cause trouble.  THE FIRST CONCERN BASED UPON YOUR EARLIER PERFORMANCE SYMPTOMS WOULD BE A DIRTY/CLOGGED FUEL FILTER.  If you have no record of the last fuel filter change, this would be a place to start.  If the engine straightens out, you can see if that changes the transmission performance.  The transmission may require a fluid and filter change, possibly a flush.  

Do not drive the Jeep without checking the transmission fluid level.  Figure out when the last service took place.  Do you know the Jeep's history or have service records?  I'm guessing this is a 3.7L V6 with the 42RLE automatic.  Is the Jeep 2WD or 4WD?...How many miles are on the vehicle?   What is its overall condition?

Was the transmission shifting poorly before?  When was the last time you serviced this transmission?  It may need a filter and fluid change.  The DTC 0841 mentioned, whether or not you have actually thrown this code, is transmission fluid pressure.  Fluid pressure problems begin with  a low fluid level or simply a clogged transmission filter.  If not addressed, internal damage to the transmission will take place.

Let's sift through these service related issues before you wind up in a transmission shop with the 42RLE apart needlessly.  It may have the solenoid and valve body trouble, but I would rule out everything else first.  Some do the valve body and solenoid repair and still get a P1776 DTC plus stuck in 2nd gear.


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