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Hello folks, am a newbie here.i got a 1946 D type PW , whose body has completely rusted.My friend has a metal works and is helping me fab the body to keep costs down.If the fine folks can help me with dimensions, drawings, prints etc it would be great. Need the front windshield frame dimensions if possible. If members need anything, would be happy to help.


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mavguy...Welcome to the forums.  Below is a page from the Dodge Truck Shop Manual for a C-1-PW frame.  This is not your truck nor does it contain the body/windshield dimensions you need.  The information is to illustrate what can find in a factory service manual (FSM).  If you can find the complete manual for your 1946 D Type, it could contain the information you need. 

In most instances, the factory service manual (FSM) is the best source for accurate information.  I have an FSM for each vehicle we have owned or worked on to any degree.  These manuals are first generation material and my go-to for technical writing and research that requires accuracy, solid data and credibility.  If you have a military model, the military manuals (or a reprint) are very thorough and may contain the information you need. 

Beyond this, I would see whether the folks at DodgePowerWagon.com can be of assistance or have the archival information you need.  The link below goes directly to specifications covering a variety of PW models and needs.  Your windshield frame dimensions may be within those downloads: 



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Sorry you did not get much insight from that material, mavguy.  Your best bet would be finding an actual windshield for a pattern.  Perhaps you can turn up a rusted windshield or work with a generous owner who is willing to let you and your friend take measurements.  You could trace the windshield and use that as a template.


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