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Hey guys 

was wondering if I could have some advice , I put my spare wheel on the front drivers side of my 2016 JK. Ever since the traction control warning light (not the one that tells you if it’s on or off) has been permanently on. Also sometimes the brakes act like it’s on snow or ice. Since then we have bought 4 new tires so all 4 treads are identical wear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks 

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Hi, HaileyR...Welcome to the forums.  Sounds like you identified the original problem:  tires of a different diameter.  You have corrected that issue now.  The traction control threw a trouble code, which is indicated by the light coming on.  First-off, the code needs to be cleared with a scan tool that can also troubleshoot the traction control circuit.

If canceling the light with a scanner does not keep the light off, there would be a need for further troubleshooting.  At this point, I would not anticipate that trouble or the potential cost involved.  This system will go into a trouble mode when there is an error like tire diameter.  Until the code is cleared with a scan tool, the system will remain in the trouble mode, which could affect the ABS (anti-lock brake system) and braking.  You mentioned brake issues, which could clear up once the system has reset.  

When you have a simpler code like the Engine Check light, the code can be canceled with a basic code reader or scan tool.  If the traction control system requires a more sophisticated scanner, you would need to have a qualified shop or dealership clear the code. 

Your 2016 JK Wrangler does not have a front axle disconnect system.  The wheels constantly rotate the axle shafts and side gears within the front axle's differential.  Driving with tires of a different diameter is rough on the axle shaft joints and differential.  The wheels/tires are attempting to turn at different speeds as if the Wrangler is continuously turning through a corner.  If you stayed in 2WD mode with the spare tire in place, there is far less risk of stress on the front axle.  I'm guessing that you did not drive with this tire condition for long.

Unless there are steering U-joint clicking noises or grating sounds from the front axle/differential, I would start with a simple scan.  Cancel the traction control light and see whether it stays off.  If the light stays off, the system has restored to normal.  Let us know what you discover with the scan and trouble code cancellation.


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