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New shocks with a 2" lift

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I just got a nice '93 Sidekick 4x4 that the previous owner had installed a 2" lift on. I've been looking for new shocks, but can only find standard height shocks. Will standard height shocks work with the 2" lift? It's primarily used as my hunting vehicle no radical off road use, just looking for a better ride.


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NCSurfer...Boy, does your soft top Sidekick bring back memories: The Rubicon Trail in the mid-nineties with a pair of them...The vehicle I drove had a CalMini mild 2.5" lift and shock system.  It worked well then and would today.  That's one source.  Bilstein is always another. 

If you can determine the shock travel range for the stock shocks then add two inches, Bilstein and others sell shocks by travel range.  I'm certain you can find shocks that would work well with your 2" lift.  It is always safer to keep a shock within its normal cycle range.  Even 2" of lift can limit downward movement of the suspension.  I would determine the travel range and mounting pin sizes, then find a shock set that suits your needs and budget.


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