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Moses Ludel

Changing Tires at Your Shop or a Remote Site

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During the Covid-19 stay-at-home order, I took stock of the tools and work I can perform at my shop.  Tire service stood out as the only remaining sublet task. 

As a teenager in the sixties, I serviced tires at gas stations and later as a truck fleet mechanic.  After graduating with honors from the University of Oregon during the midst of an Oregon economic recession, I found myself fortunate enough to land a job at Schmunk's Tire Service in Springfield, Oregon.  I fed our family by busting passenger car, light truck and logging truck tires, adding another notch to my work resume.

To be fully self-reliant in a Covid-19 pandemic, or for any other reason, I decided it was time to bring tire service into our shop/studio.  Working with Gaither Tool Company, I found some sensible equipment solutions and discovered a variety of innovative tire tools.  For details on my findings, go to the magazine's search box and enter the keyword "Gaither".  See how I quickly eliminated 40 mile trips to the tire store.

Here is the 46:30-minutes video coverage on dismounting and mounting tires.  See how I modified a Gaither 12772 Manual Tire Changer for portable work, mating the changer stand to a receiver hitch.  This setup is optimal for 4x4 outback overlanding or changing motorcycle tires at a motocross pit:

Enjoy the video and consider a manual tire changer for DIY work at your shop or trail use!  For our larger 37" tires on the Ram truck, there's a power tire changer in our near future.


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