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  1. Yes i plan on doing more testing on the voltages today. Current testing is on the wire going to the fuel pump and also the terminal on the start relay at the firewall where all the fuse links converge. The engine is equipped with the v belt drive system, the serp. belt crank is the reason I was asking since i knew it sticks out about 1/2 more than the v belt crank. I will update in morning with what I find. Thank you for your help thus far.
  2. Also one more thing I found out that the problem originator (aka previous owner) had a rebuilt engine installed into the jeep and it looks to be a newer engine 91-95. The reason i say this is that the crank shaft pulley sticks out a boos 1/4 to a half inch farther than the rest of the pulleys. If this is the case and it has the distributor from a 88 yj in a block with a cam shaft from a 91-95 engine would there need to be a change in the timing procedures for this engine or are the camshafts the same?
  3. Ok finally back, had that hurricane roll through and finally getting back to the jeep. I checked all above and all of that looked ok except for a small vacume leak but got that fixed. Still having the same issue. I did a little playing around today with a aftermarket voltage gauge just hooking it up and driving and found something interesting. At idle I have 14 volt,s but on the road at 2k rpm I am at 17 volts. thinking that the computer is getting 17 volts, and it may be throwing off the voltages going to the sensors, and the input voltage back to ecu. The only thing that throws me off about this is that at idle it still stalls as well even though I'm only at 14 volts at that time. Also going to have the battery tested tomorrow.
  4. Ok fuel flow looks to be good and pressure seems stable at around 14 psi. That is until it stalls or cuts out. Then it drops for a second and catches right back up. Tried a inline fuel pump yesterday from my truck (higher pressure but I dropped high pressure to 20 psi through a fpr I had laying around before I got it to the throttle body.) I ran this pump from a separate battery source and still had the same issues so I am fairly sure it fills out the fuel system. I am going back in today and going through the grounds again. Also checking what you have suggest above. Thank you for your help thus far. Thomas
  5. Ty sir, When I replaced thefuel pump I did the sock as well since it was the only way to keep the warranty with the pump. I was thinking along the same lines though and am going to go ahead and drop the tank in the morning. ( for anyone that is having to do this may I suggest that if you or a friend have a motorcycle jack it helps allot with fuel tank removal!) Also the cat is gone lol previous owner tossed it and it has a brand new muffler due to a broke pinion shaft that caused the driveshaft the remove the old one for me lol. It seems like I have good spark so I am going to do a fuel flow test and a pressure test on my next day off. Thank you for your reply and I will let you know what I find in the upcoming days.
  6. Hello, first off let me begin by saying thank you to Moses for your site. It has helped me fix a lot of issues with my jeep. I have a 1988 jeep yj with the renix 2.5 tbi setup. The problem is that the jeep starts and runs but consistently spit, sputters and stalls. I can be driving down the road doing 55 mph and then it is like somebody turns the key off and back on again. it does this at idle as well. Things I have already done/replaced: new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, ign. Module, ign. Switch, and the cps. I have gone through and tested the coolant temp sensor (for the ecu), intake temp sensor, map sensor. Also pulled the wiring harness from the engine compartment and went through each individual wire with my multimeter to ensure that they were good. I did this under the dash as well and cleaned all grounds. The throttle body i rebuilt about 6k miles ago. New fuel filter and pump. I am at a loss at this point and i hope for some guidance. The only thing i can think of is the ecm is going out but not positive. Thank you for your help, and i look forward to your reply Thomas
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