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  1. Hello Moses, I got one that I need help to try and fix. The clutch arm assembly that connects from the transmission to the the plate on the fire wall that connects to the clutch is supposed to be on a 90 degree angle. I have a 3" body lift and this is causing the arm to be on a 80 degree angle or so. It works and has worked but I would like to fix it. I believe I know the solution but need your opinion or what you would do. The plate that is on the firewall that has the eye hook that the arm connects to needs to come down 2" to 3" , then the arm would be at 90 degrees. I can't find a plate that is longer, I was thinking to take off the plate that is on, weld on a new steel plate that is longer, weld on the old plate to the new one to make it work? I have purchased a rugged ridge heavy duty clutch link kit https://www.quadratec.com/products/52026_1010.htm for the extension. It's the plate with the eye hook that I am having a problem with. I hope you see and understand my issue, if not, please ask me and I can send more pics or give more details of the problem. Good Day Simon
  2. I would love to have his contact information. I have another little issue that I need to solve, tomorrow I will post some pictures explain the problem and hope between both of you we can find a solution then get it fixed. Have a nice evening. Simon
  3. Hello Moses, would you happen to know of any Jeep mechanic's in the Chicago area that could help me finish my rebuild o my Jeep. Simon
  4. I believe I figured it out, the bottom bracket for the steering column.
  5. I'm back with another question, I should have marked what part this was but didn't and we can't figure out what or where it belongs to. I hopefully you can tell us. Please see pictures.
  6. Awesome!, once again I can't thank you enough, I only wish I found you 3 months ago. I know I'll be hitting the up soon for some more issues. Good Evening Simon
  7. You have been very helpful, now I got a new one. Oil Dipstick replacement, I can find the one for a V8 but no luck for the V6. Would you happen to know who might carry one that I can purchase? Simon
  8. I picked up a 1/4 threaded nipple and is to big. If I put on a smaller one would it cause not enough liquid to flow ? Is it possible to speak with you over the phone? You are fantastic
  9. Your information is fantastic, if I come across any other hang ups I will definitely be hitting you up again. Thanks for the support, I can't wait to finish the jeep up and get back on the road. I'll send pictures when I'm done. Some pictures for now Thank you again Simon
  10. There are threads inside of this, I screwed in a bolt to try and figure out the size, but from what I am hearing from you, I don't need a fitting to connect the hose. All I need to do is place the hose over the cast fitting, seal it and clamp it for security? If so this is great news. Thank you for your help. Simon
  11. Hello, I am rebuilding my 1977 Jeep CJ7 inline 6 4.2L. I am stuck on finding this part as shown in the picture. The radiator hose hooks up to the engine block here and I can't seem to find the part that screws into this. It's small, I got a 3/8" connector, still to big, my radiator hose is 5/8". I bought this part from Summit (Fitting, Adapter, NPT to Hose Barb, 45 Degree, Stainless Steel, Natural, 3/8 in. NPT, 5/8 in. Hose Barb,) see pic below. I have tried everything to find this part and until then my build is at a standstill, please help. Thank you Simon
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