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  1. Moses, to add to the above there was also a small plastic funnel inside the case when I originally took the trans apart. I had inquired on a facebook page before finding this forum and had an overwhelming response of "never seen that" "doesn't belong" type responses. I have since come across a new replacement for sale while looking for other parts and it says it it the rear counter shaft oil funnel with a part number of 83500646. I did not see this part in the FSM. Would you have a picture of where this goes so I can put it back or is it in the vimeo video? I plan on renting the video next week when I'm off work and have time to teardown and go back through the trans. Thanks again for all your help. I have posted a picture of the part I'm talking about. This is a stock photo as mine has definitely seen better days and will be getting replaced.
  2. Also, forgot to add when in neutral I can spin the input shaft however the output shaft also spins freely and according to the Weber State video the output should not move at all in neutral.
  3. So nothing changed when loosening the bolts so I drained the gear oil and removed the bearing retainer. If you pulled the input shaft out as far as it would go everything functioned as it’s supposed to through all gears. I’ll try and attach a pic so you can see the gap created. I will say there did not seem to be as much engagement between the input and main shaft almost like they were barely connected.
  4. Thanks, I will try this as soon as I get home and let you know how it goes. The trans is not coupled to the engine right now. I was just trying to check things before attaching it to make sure I didn't screw something up. I'll let you know how it goes tonight and see where to go from here. I'll definitely be renting your video if this things comes back apart.
  5. Hi, I hope this is the right forum for this. I am doing a resto mod project with my 1956 Willys Pickup. I am in the process of installing a 4.0 from a 2004 Wrangler into it with an AX15 5 speed and Dana 300 transfer case. I rebuilt the AX15 by following the FSM from Jeep Chrysler as well as a few youtube videos. All clearances are spot on. Now that the trans is together I went to bench test it and the shift lever will go through the gears although reverse is slightly harder. I can turn the input shaft by hand in 3rd and 4th gear only. 1st, 2nd, 5th and reverse will not allow me to spin the input shaft by hand. Has anyone come across this before. Just looking for some guidance before I tear this trans apart again. Also note that this was an early AX15 (internal slave) that I have converted to external slave. To do this I bought the newer bellhousing, bearing retainer plate, shift fork as well as changed to the newer style input shaft that uses the 3/4" pilot bearing. It has all new synchros, seals, bearings, synchro keys and synchro snap rings. Thanks for any help you can provide. -Chris
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