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  1. Hi Moses Sorry for the extended absence. We've had quite the roller coaster this summer. Jims uses all original connectors, so it's all plug and play to original plugs, sensors etc. He had done harnesses like mine before, sounds pretty routine for him. Yes, he does TIB stuff too. I've made some pretty good progress, not as much as I'd like, but it's getting there. Everything is in. Just lots of little things now. Lots of "every job is a custom job." Something that seems so simple as an sm 465 top cover proved to be a major thing. Never have been into one before, but with the small parts kit and a lot of try and retry, it's all good. I hope to be up and running soon. Thanks Scott
  2. Hi Moses We've had some business and family issues. I should be able to get back at it within the next week or so. I did get the harness back from Jims. He eliminated all unnecessary wiring to give me a stand alone engine control only. All connections are labeled, computer is flashed, I'll let you know how it works when I get there. He also installed a code reader port. I've got the cooling covered. I'll be back ASAP. Scott
  3. Hi Moses....The long block is a direct replacement, with hydraulic roller cam, and CPI with a balance shaft. It is an L35. Yes I got cam only, no need for new roller lifters as far as I know. I'm still doing some mock up with the original Blazer motor. Once I get past that, progress should move right along......I hope. As my Dad would used to say "every job is a custom job"....aint it the truth? Thanks for all the input. Scott
  4. Hi Moses I've been working a lot, and getting things together for the swap. I decided to go with a GM reconditioned long block after some calculating. $1200- 1500 for machine work and $500 for a rebuild kit, plus making 2 200 mile round trips to drop off and pick up. It was $1998.00 from Jegs, 3yr. 100k warrantee ( that only applies to selected vehicles which I'm sure isn't mine), but if they have that much faith in them, then that's an escapable risk, for me. And delivered to me with no core charge. Made sense to me. I send the computer and harness to Jims Performance, that will be $450. And I ordered a 56-410-8 Comp Cam, Scoggin Dickey. $271.00. Things are starting to come in, so I can get started in earnest soon, and get some pictures coming. Also, I'm considering incorporating a cross brace with the motor mounts, just a thought for now. That's the update for now. Scott
  5. Sounds great Moses! Just the inspiration I need to get this done. And I just finished getting the Jeepster where I THOUGHT I wanted it....ha...ha! The 225 just wasn't going to get it. I'll do photos and keep you updated. This working kind of gets in the way! Scott
  6. Moses Picked up the Blazer today, will start on it tomorrow. The Jeepster is empty now. I will have to get help from the kids I work with on how to post photos, but will get it figured out. Yes, you can take I-80 to 95, then to 140. Hope to see you out there sometime. Scott
  7. Thanks Moses. The Blazer is an auto, but I have a flywheel and bellhousing. I have a Saginaw power steering conversion. Absolutely!! Let me when you plan on going to High Rock, or anywhere in the area. We go to The Alvord/ Fields Denio area quit a bit also. I'll check out your link. Thanks.
  8. Moses Yes, High Rock is great!! We enjoy the entire 3 corners area. Cal, Nev. and Or. I have an original shop manual. And I bought one of your books used from ebay, so it didn't hurt much! I'll get in touch with Howell and see what will work. I have a chance to pick up a 99 Blazer for next to nothing. Thanks again for the info. And I to hope we cross paths. When I get this thing back together we'll be hitting the trails! Scott
  9. Thanks Moses: As far as EFI goes, from what research I've done, and talking with people that know a lot more than I do, I think that is the route I want to go with anything. Not stalling on inclines, ease of cold weather starts, use of the evil ethanol gas, and mileage (the big one), are all factors. I'm guessing I've added about 700-800 lbs. with the full to-the frame rollcage and what I listed above. As far as a trailer, the most would be a small ATV trailer with ATV. And that would be just to a camp site or jump off point. I pulled one to Yellow Rock in High Rock Canyon (I'm guessing you're familiar with the area). Anyway, it took a beating!! Good conformation on the cam, thanks. Any suggestions for sourcing an engine? Since you're in the Reno area, I'm about 4hrs. north. Whenever we fly it's out of Reno, and we seem to make it down there few times a year. The air races and Street Vibrations etc. Really not far for us. I'll start scrounging around here. I ordered your Jeep Owners Bible and 46-71 manual. I'm sure they will be a great resource. I'm a fair mechanic/ fabricator, but I need lots of input. Thanks to some good friends, and now you, I believe it's all doable!! I've considered all the replacement engines you mentioned. Of all of them I'm more inclined toward the 4.3 Vortec. Lots of them around for a reasonable price, and cheaper to rebuild than the 225. And here I thought I had my mind made up!! But, I want to do it right for my application, the first time! My axles are the weak point, I believe. I have a fresh rebuilt Dana 30, 4:56 with a True Track in front and an AMC 20 with Chromalloy one piece axles, 4:56 and Detroit Locker in the rear. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I'll work on posting some photos. I'll be 70 in a few weeks and this computer stuff is not my strong point!! Thanks Again Scott
  10. I stumbled onto this forum while researching my 68 Jeepster Commando rebuild. What a great bunch of folks, thanks! I currently have a 225 v6, running good, but stock. I've built and added bumpers, winch, rock sliders etc. so with all that and tools its gained a bit. Also running 33" tires, 4:56 gears with a SM 465 and Dana 20. My dilemma is should I rebuild the 225 (which is my first inclination) or try to find an EF 231? So far my plans for either one would be a stock rebuild but with Comp 252H cam, Offy dual plane intake with EFI and dual exhaust. I want to stick with either the 225 or 231 because I want to just drop one in, and I've been working on this for long enough. I would like more low and mid range power. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Scott
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