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  1. So I replaced the head assembly, rods, lifters, cam, timing chain, etc. Everything except the pistons basically. I took it to a mechanic at first but after taking it apart e decided he didn't want to work on it. I've put it back together without any left over parts. I know the cam timing is ok, I lined up the dots on the sprockets (see photo). When I dropped in the distributor I had the oil pump notch just past the 3 o'clock position, and when it dropped in the rotor was at the 6 o'clock position just like the manual says. But to make things even better, when the engine is turning over, every once in awhile a puff of fuel will shoot out of the injector. I replaced the injector, same thing. The only thing I am not sure of being the same as before the work started is 1 orange wire (see photo). It goes to the connector (see photo) but I haven't followed it back any further. Anyone know what it is supposed to be connected to? Is there a wire that is supposed to be screwed to the distributor case? I replaced the distributor because the casing was cracked on the old one.
  2. It's the 3 speed automatic with 4WD. The motor mounts are shot so I ordered those along with a gasket kit, and several other exterior engine part's. I'm not doing anything till I get the motor mounts in. I know it leaks at pretty much every seam and probably shook itself apart. I did a basic tune up, plugs, wires, filters (air and fuel), and coil. I can't tell if it's a valve, rod, or a exhaust leak at the front of the engine. Could be a gasket but reading the tread, it could be the timing chain. I also a have a mystery hose that was cut off. It's located just to the rear of the valve cover on the drivers side (not attached to the valve cover).I don't have a place to pull the engine so I plan on removing the radiator to work on the front end of the engine. But this jeep has been in many different garages so it's pretty messy. Nothing in the gauge cluster works except the voltage. As far as tires, yes I think they are too heavy. 32s on heavy rims (15X10). I plan on replacing those and installing an electric fan to lighten the load on the engine. The AC is R12 but still works great.. Being in Arizona AC is important so that is staying. The interior is about an 8 out of 10. Upholstery is 9.5 on a 10. Thanks for being a resource, I will be on here a lot I'm sure.
  3. Just bought a 86 Cherokee Pioneer with the 2.5 l TBI. I'm having the same problem at idle. I'm sure this info will help. I'm going to buy the NGK plugs today. Not knowing any better I just took the Champion plugs they gave me for the tune up.
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