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  1. So I replaced the head assembly, rods, lifters, cam, timing chain, etc. Everything except the pistons basically. I took it to a mechanic at first but after taking it apart e decided he didn't want to work on it. I've put it back together without any left over parts. I know the cam timing is ok, I lined up the dots on the sprockets (see photo). When I dropped in the distributor I had the oil pump notch just past the 3 o'clock position, and when it dropped in the rotor was at the 6 o'clock position just like the manual says. But to make things even better, when the engine is turning over, every
  2. It's the 3 speed automatic with 4WD. The motor mounts are shot so I ordered those along with a gasket kit, and several other exterior engine part's. I'm not doing anything till I get the motor mounts in. I know it leaks at pretty much every seam and probably shook itself apart. I did a basic tune up, plugs, wires, filters (air and fuel), and coil. I can't tell if it's a valve, rod, or a exhaust leak at the front of the engine. Could be a gasket but reading the tread, it could be the timing chain. I also a have a mystery hose that was cut off. It's located just to the rear of the valve cover o
  3. Just bought a 86 Cherokee Pioneer with the 2.5 l TBI. I'm having the same problem at idle. I'm sure this info will help. I'm going to buy the NGK plugs today. Not knowing any better I just took the Champion plugs they gave me for the tune up.
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