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  1. And sold it two hours after i fixed it. On to my TJ. Second lesson of the day, get out while the getting is good. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. fired right up this morning with the new ECU. Best lesson to learn from this. Get another pair of eyes and don't assume anything. Thanks for your help.
  3. Moses, Will a comanchee ECU work in a YJ? I can find a comanche one from 1987. 2.5 with TBI with manual transmission. Carlos
  4. ok. I pulled the ecu. There is perfect continuity between the light blue wire at the injector and pin 21 on the ECU. There is no ground coming out of pin 21 ever. Does that confirm that the ECU is bad? Or could something else be keeping the ECU from sending the signal? When we put gas down the throttle body it fires up so there is spark.
  5. Had a mechanic come out. There is no ground coming to the light blue wire on the injector. Ugg. So much unnecessary work. Pulling the ecu now.
  6. If I understand the relay correctly, when the relay opens the constant 12v to relay pin 30 should flow through pin 87 and create a constant 12v at the orange wire which is connected to the injector and eventually to the fuel pump. The relay is working and there is no 12v at the injector. My belief is that the orange wire is being grounded somewhere but if it was why would the fuel pump cycle on.
  7. Moses, 1. my theroy requires this to be true. The orange wire connected to the 87 pin on the fuel pump relay should have a CONSTANT 12v when connected with the negative terminal of th battery. This would eliminate any pulse requirements form the ecu. This should be true when connected to the injector, to the brown wire at the egr purge and to the orange wire at the fuel pump. Is this correct? 2. Should there be continuity under any circumstance between the orange wire and the yellow ignition wire? Carlos
  8. Moses. So much has happen since my last post. :(. The 3.46v is coming out of the BLUE wire. The orange wire has no voltage. So I started digging in my electrical. The orange wire runs back to pin 87 of the fuel pump relay. I have 12v at 30 and the rely is working. So I started testing continuity looking for a fault. The orange wire that goes to 87 has continuity with the yellow wire that comes from the ignition and ends up at pin 85 or 86 (I forget we will call it 85) the other pin gets ground from the ECU. So without the relay in I get 12v (pin 85) to the yellow wire as well. So I tore my wiring loom up looking for a frayed wire. :(. I traced the wires all the way back to a large plug in the firewall right next to the clutch master cylinder. I disconnected that switch and the continuity went away. There is no where in the wiring diagram where yellow and orange do cross and based on my limited understanding of car electrics they should not cross. So if I unplug the plug and the continuity goes away is that safe to assume that the problem is somewhere on the other side of the plug and everything before that is ok? here is what I think is happening. Correct me if I am off track. 85 and 87 have continuity. (Bad) When 86 gets its ground from the ecu it completes the circuit with 85 and effectively grounds 85. Since 85 and 87 have continuity it is also grounding 87 which is why I don’t see 12 v at the injector. Find where 85 and 87 are coming in contact and repair. Then 85 can be grounded to move the coil in the relay and 87 can get its 12v to the injector.
  9. hi Moses. So I spent some time on this tonight. I found freyed wires on the actual TBI connector. I replaced the connector and still noting. Couple of things I found interesting. The orange wire at the injector is shared with the EGR solinoid and the fuel pump relay. This is the wire I get 3.46 volts on. The other wire at the injector (blue wire) goes to the ECU. Here is where it gets strange. I get 3.46 volts on the orange wire at the injector but not at the EGR solinoid. The orange wire at the injector and the orange wire at the ERG solinoid have perfect continuity. AND if I test for voltage across the 2 I get 3.46 volts. Very strange. I think. I am way past my pay grade on this one. I checked and cleaned all grounds. Thoughts?
  10. Moses, Thanks for getting back to me. I think I am getting fuel. I pulled the fuel line at the back of the TB and it spits gas. I ran the fuel pump when the injector was out and gas came out. I am thinking it is the plug. I am only getting 3.46V at the plug and the ground is showing 2.3 ohms of resistance to the battery negative. I refreshed all the grounds last year but will do it again tomorrow night. And for the record best 12 bucks i have spent in a long time being a subscriber. Carlos
  11. jeep just died the other day. Wont fire up. Checked the injector and nothing is coming out. I have spark, and fuel pump is working. changed the injector and still nothing. I am getting 3.5 volts at the injector plug. Is that the right amount? My diagnostic chart says battery voltage? Help.
  12. Moses, I am happy to report that my jeep passed smog with flying colors today. Finally got my hands on a new throttle body and it went right into closed loop. UGG. That was a lot of work and money to find out I screwed something up when I rebuild the TB last year. Thanks again for your help and everything you do for the jeep community. Carlos
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