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  1. The steps come with a course texture power coat. Because of the custom Viper Red paint job. I sanded the power coat smooth. My neighbor epoxy primed and then painted and clear coated the steps, doors and top. Prior to installing the steps I installed 3M PPF film for that added layer of protection. As stated Rock Slide Engineering makes these for all 97 and newer Wrangers and the new Gladiators. After installing these I had a problem with the driver side steps. They didn't work. A couple of phone calls and further testing, RSE send me a replacement motor. Their customer service is as good as their product, top notch. Roger
  2. Last fall I bought a beautiful 1997 TJ Wrangler. It came with a 4-inch lift running 33's. While I could get in, my wife could not. I ended up buying some power steps from Rock Slide Engineering. Not only are they power steps but they are rock sliders. These things are the cats behind!! They are RUGGED. They have them for TJ's and newer Wranglers. Now, while my TJ will never see the trail riding that will require sliders, the steps are awesome. In the pics you will see a small magnet on the door, and there is a sensor on the door post. They open and close automatically. They are pricey, but they are super nice. The engineering is top notch. If you're in need of sliders, these are worth considering.
  3. Well Moses you are The Man😁. When it comes to working on the dash I think I'd rather drive my Rig thought Boston. I was prepared for the worse in what turned out to be a painless fix. I bought 2 packages of Dorman vacuum connectors ( I needed 2 1/8 in connectors ) and 2 ft of 1/8 in tubing, all for just under $10. Removing the glove box I then removed 2 screws and pushed the fuse box out of the way. 2nd pic. That allowed me to get 1 hand in and pull the busted vac tube out. 1st pic. I cut of the ragged end, attached 1 of the vacuum connectors and then the 2ft of tubing. I then feed the tubing though the firewall, you can see the hole in the 2nd pic. At this point I attached the 2rd connector to the vac tubing shone earlier in this thread. At this time I fired her up and BINGO, EVERYTHING WORKED! Hell that wasn't so bad I remember thinking LOL. Before I buttoned her up I slid a rubber grommet over the tubing and into the firewall. 4th pic. I finished zip tying the hose in place making sure the Vacuum tubing connector was in the grommet for added protection. Moses thank again! I hope all this helps someone else
  4. Well I found the problem as you can see in the 1st pic. The 2nd pic shows the route that i can see. In the 3rd pic there is a black hose. Is it possible to tap into that hose. (Some I doubt it).
  5. Morning Moses hope all is well in your neck of the woods. My 97 TJ blows out the defrost only. Alot of forms say vent door actuator. Well maybe. During testing with the motor running I slide the controls though defrost, floor, dash, AC, AC recirculate, I find that there is no movement at the diaphragms. To me that implies I have a vacuum problem. I'm not sure how/where to to test for vacuum and keep it isolated to the hvac area. Is there something else that I need to look for?? Thanks, Roger
  6. Good morning Moses, Well I bought a used hard top for the 97. Found some doors from a 2001 sport. Those will fit correct? Also is replacement seals for the doors and top. Is it worth the extra bucks (at times twice) to buy mopar over fairchild or doorman etc? Roger
  7. For aftermarket hard tops I've found a couple, https://www.rallytops.com/shop/jeep-tj-2-pc-hd/ , https://dv8offroad.com/collections/jeep-jk-hard-tops/products/tj-top . I might be able to find a set full doors. I wasn't holding my breath on finding a factory hardtop. With rally top they offer a hard upper door. With no experience with half doors. My concern is attaching the hard upper door, how durable will it be? Just fyi the TJ has the 4.0 with a automatic.
  8. Moses, I just bought a beautifully restored 97 TJ from a friend. My question is what is your take on the after market hardtops that are available? Rally Tops and DV8 has mixed reviews. My 97 has half doors so I'll be looking for the hard upper doors. Just looking for your thoughts. Thanks
  9. I hope everyone and a excellent 4th of July Thanks Mike House. I look forward to seeing your rebuild. Moses A friend of mine has a M38A1 (beautifully restored) He showed me his spare tire mount on the tailgate. Kaiser Willys has it, https://www.kaiserwillys.com/spare-tire-carrier-mounting-bracket-fits-52-66-m38a1 . It looks like a possible option. One would have to reinforce the inside of the tailgate of course. In one breath it would simplify mounting the spare tire. Most like I would have to insert bolts in the tailgate chain brackets. Your thoughts??
  10. Moses there's a story on the color. The wife wanted a bumblebee. I ended up using KBS Coatings for all of my paint. I had bought a quart and a couple of spray cans of their yellow. They ended up 2 different shades. The spray cans had the shade of yellow I was looking for. So I ended up using sray cans to paint her. The clear coat was sprayed on. I've never painted a vehicle before. I am very happy with the end results. I still have some "flow gauges " to wet sand, lol. That will be my winter project plus adding a spare tire mount in back. But it's summertime, and the wife and I are going to enjoy her.
  11. Good morning, I hope everyone is great during these crazy times. I didn't work for six weeks soooo I spent my time finishing the mistress. Thought I'd share some final pictures.
  12. Keeping / hurting the frame tensile strength was a HUGH concern of mine. After ALOT of reading and then talking to a couple of welders, I preheated the frame to 600-700 degrees, welded then blanket wrapped the weld and let cool. Doing this process took some time but I was told this was the best way to weld on tempered steel/frames. I doubt I'll be doing any serious wheeling, just some light trails. For the most part she'll be a pavement Queen. Thank you for the info/ reminder on the reverse shackles.
  13. This quite the undertaking! The front rt frame was bent. Sooo after some studying. I did some heating and welding I ended up boxing the the front part of the the frame. Actually I did both sides. Time will tell. I got some tempered/hardened metal from a car hauler that was being cut up.
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