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  1. Moses, I was trying to figure out how the controler worked. Not having a steady supply of vacuum, I was blowing into the controler to determine how it functioned. Having disassemble the controller, nothing appeared to be worn out or missing, which is good! My original thoughts was that on "defrost" ALL of the the air would be diverted to the defrost vents. That is not the case, it appears that it will be split 50, 50. I've tested the diaphragm's and they are holding a vacuum. Soo all I mite do is refinish the controll panel and put things back together.
  2. Been plugging away on my "mistress". It appears that the heater control is intact. But the vacuum does not appear to be working right. The hole at the 10 o-clock position seems to be the supply position. When I place the hose on the the hole at 10 o-clock with the DEF pushed in air blows thru the other 2 holes. With the AIR pushed in , air only comes thru the hole at 4 o-clock. With the OFF pushed in no air flows out of either of the holes. Seems to be a problem with the defrost. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks, Roger
  3. Hello I've been looking at wheels/tires and I need to verify my thoughts with you. Judging for the pics and the measurements shown the stud pattern would be a 5 by 5, correct? As you can see the holes are worn, enlarged. I do not have a tire shop the will test a wheel for proper fit available in my area. So I'll be taking a lot of measurement's to determine the size needed. Most likely 15/16 in by 7 with 5 by 5 bolt pattern. Leaning to the 7 in width due to clearance.
  4. Moses, Haven't quite wrapped my head around backspacing and offset when it comes to wheels. Looking at 2 different wheels first has a back space of 3.75 with a -19 offset. The second one has a 4.03 backspace with a -12 offset. Its my understanding that the 1st one would be better for my 66 cj5 because it pushes the wheel out form the springs, hows the offset come into play. Looking at 15 x 8 with 5x5.5 Thanks
  5. Moses, thanks for the tip on the wiper motors. As for the sending unit I cheated, I thought why not a fitting with a 45 degree angle. So thats what I did. I was going to load a pic but was unable to
  6. I saw that the sender was designed to fit ford motors, I did not know about the ohms, I'll half to do some more research to find one that will fit. I ended up buying new wiper motors like you put on your jeep in your book. Thanks much!
  7. I had purchased a equus elec oil pressure gauge. Finally got to the point to install the sensor. And the sensor is too big in diameter. So my question is there a problem just swapping out sensors, https://www.summitracing.com/parts/smp-ps243 ? This one is much smaller diameter. Thanks
  8. I was getting ready to wire the wipers and discovered I have a loose wire inside. Then after reading snopp2x's thread and opening the other motor I find that I'm missing the plastic piece with the brass button. Any ideas??
  9. Quick question, on this new harness it has an "exciter" wire that comes off the new alternator. That would go to the Amp light on the speedo cluster? Or an Amp meter. Or I can just terminated it, correct? I can not find the paperwork that talks about that wire. Been plugging away at this harness, its a slow process when one is gone through the week. but I'm gaining.
  10. I was curious what that hole was for?? LOL Thanks snoopy2x With me being gone through the week driving and spend time on the weekends working on the Jeep, my Wife and I joked that she had became a Jeep Widow. So I got her this. She just laughed and said she loved it.
  11. Thanks! When I get home I'll know what to do. Could one of you put up a pic of how you routed the wires. The transition from the window to\into the dash. Looking for ideas. Thanks again
  12. I want to add that wires from the wipers ended at the bottom of the widow. No signs of them ever been connected, no switch on the dash.
  13. Couple of things, I was looking for a gasket for the air breather to set on. I found it at RockAuto.com, under a buck. Been working on my wiring harness, been stumbling here and there. Not sure on this one. The wires for the wipers, got 2 red-1 for each wiper motor, 1 brown, 1 blue. The brown and blue continue to the right side. Do I need a separate red(power) for each motor? Thanks
  14. While I'm waiting for harness to show up. I find I need new gaskets for oil bath breather, there is 1 inside and 1 where it sets on the carb (this one is gone). My local parts store was at a loss. Any ideas??
  15. Thanks for the input and ideas! Snoopy2x thanks for the site. Where I'm not looking at staying period specific I'm leaning on 60bubba's thoughts. Centech's harness appears to be what I'm looking for. Add a few waterproof connectors and a good quality loom. I won't have to worry for ALONG time. Phone call time.
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