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  1. Hi Moses, Correct on everything being original. As luck would have it I had to replace the cylinder head shortly after due to a crack and I can say for sure that none of the valves were stuck or had mushroomed stem tips. I didn't notice anything odd about the rocker arms or pivot but it might be worth another look. As you can imagine, I'm reluctant to replace anything at this point until I can identify a cause. Some research on the net revealed other folks having issues with flat tappets (apparently the market has given way to rollers and no one wants to make quality flat ta
  2. Hello all, '94 Wrangler with 2.5L, about 170K+ miles ... initially running rough under load followed by loud top end noise. Found #2 intake lifter had been beaten quite a bit by the cam lobe (which was also now quite worn). No other wear found in valve train (push rod not bent) and valve not stuck. Replaced cam and lifters but less than a 100 miles later same lifter is in same condition (contact face noticeably worn from cam lobe and engine running rough under load). I should also note assembly lube was applied to the bearing surfaces, lobes and lifter faces. Ran it in at 1500 rpm fo
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