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  1. I have a 89 wrangler 2.5L I just replaced the fuel pump thinking it was bad put the new in same problem wouldn't kick on hooked it the battery kicked on tryed to crank it nothing pull inlet off the throttle body getting fuel there but not coming out the injector touched injectors to battery it's worked any ideas what could be cause this any help will be helpful bcause I don't know much about TBI.
  2. Well I have an 89 YJ 2.5 and the fuel pump was just replaced put it all back together and the fuel pump will not kick on unless it's straight to the battery just wanted to see if it would crank so I left it on the battery and found out my injector was not spraying pulled the fuel inlet off getting gas just to see touch injector to battery it sprayed any help please I have pulled my hair out trying to figure it out and no it's just really making me mad!
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