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  1. Hi Moses, The fuel millage/gearing choice is how I came across this forum... as for the conversion to Km, thanks to Google it's as easy as a click of a button Well, I'm heading this weekend to take a closer look at the 2006 mega cab. In addition to all the AFE upgrades, according to the seller, all injectors have been replaced a couple years ago. I'm guessing the only way to confirm this would be to see a paper trail? Also I'll be needing new tires (which I don't mind as it gives me an insight on how they wear out and if something is "off balance"). The ones installed are stock size (265/70/R17). Is there any other tire size to consider that would not translate into an increase in fuel millage (the gear ratio is the original)? I'm considering Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure Kevlar (E rating) as it can do a bit of everything: road 80%, gravel road 20% (which is close to what I'm estimating driving) and has the snow flake symbol (which became mandatory here in BC). Any tips on particular sounds I should or should not hear when starting/test driving/shutting down the truck? Thanks again for all your insight.
  2. Oh yea, very helpful; thanks a lot Moses. I'll keep in mind the oil analysis, looks like a great diagnostic tool. Will share the info if I get one done. Any opinion on the other truck? I'm not sure about the 4.88 gear. Just talked to the guy and it was used to haul heavier trailers; it was supposed to be a life time project and wasn't planning on selling it but he had some family issues... As for the mega cab, just talked to the guy and this is his recreational vehicle; used to haul a 5th wheel for vacations. Cheers Seb
  3. Hi Moses, Wow! This answers a lot! Thank you so much for the welcoming message and all the pertinent information. If you’re having the impression to distinguish a French accent while reading, well, you’ve got it right and therefore I apologies in advance for (but not limited to :-) grammatical or lexical errors... Bellow is the link to the other truck. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/strathcona-county/2006-dodge-cummins-ram-3500-special-order/1036172584 I assumed that the mega cab was using the long box frame but with a 6’3 box. Mega cab + 8’ bed start to be on the big side. Though not primordial in my decision making it still has some importance as I’m often on logging road finding small remote forestry camps and a shorter truck would make turning around a lot easier. 5.9 for sure Manual transmission for sure: I like driving :-) That was going to be one of my question. Manual transfer case or 4x4 on the fly? I use the 4x4 mostly to get out of slippery conditions (snow/ice). -25C (-13F) lately... and I’m in the southern part of Canada! Truck is located in Alberta, surrounded by farm equipment, so I’m assuming a hauler as well. Because I’m not well informed on the matter and from the abused trucks I see in my neighborhood, I have a tendency to stay away from all those adds on. The way I consider a diesel truck tends towards a tractor rather a Ferrari... I see this a lot and I’m raising the same question: great this means I don’t (or shouldn’t) have the bad surprise to replace it for a while; but 250000 KM isn’t much for a diesel, how come those parts need to be replaced already? Many would regard this truck and equipment as optimal for a serious hauler, and it obviously was. The question now is how much life is left in the Cummins engine, the NV5600 or the 11.5" rear axle/9.25" front axle. I've been inside each of these assemblies, and though high in stamina, they are not exempt from fatigue. They wear out just like any other machinery, especially when continuously subjected to high loads. To the comments above, I’ve been suggested (if nearby) to find a shop that specializes in diesels and has an oscilloscope to do a diagnostics (injectors, clutch, trany?) on it before buying. Any experience on this? If this wasn’t enough, I also had a hard time finding information to differentiate the 2500 to the 3500 (lets stay on the 5.9 :-). I'm aware of the extra spring for the 3500; outside of this, not much. I've heard the frame is build with wider material, does it mean they are much heavier to start with; ie fuel mileage would differ assuming you’d drive them the same way? Do they use the same gear ratio? Having the weight in the box, more carrying that hauling (1600 Lbs for the truck camper + 400 Lbs of equipment), would it be equivalent in fuel mileage? Thanks again for all those tips; I have time before I buy but I also know they’re starting to be rare and don’t want to miss on the right one... Cheers Seb
  4. I'm in the hunt for a Dodge Ram, 5.9 Cummins diesel, 4x4, manual. I live in Canada, and I'm planning 2 major trips (SW USA and Alaska). I'll be pulling a truck camper (about 1600 lbs. + gear = 2000 lbs.). I'm looking for reliability (hardest thing is to find a truck that hasn't been abused!) and fuel efficiency. Below are 2 trucks I'm currently interested in. Is there one that makes more sense for the use I'm planning (pulling a truck camper most of the time): http://www.kijiji.ca...ings/1029975073 and http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/strathcona-county/2006-dodge-cummins-ram-3500-special-order/1036172584?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Seb
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