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  1. Moses, Been racing and riding for 50 years now. The XR650R is one fine machine. If fact, I have two of them. One is a 2001, the other is a NOS 2005 with just over 300 miles on her. I liked the '01 so much, I kept my eye out for another. I have an CRF450x and a KTM 450xc. I use the "smaller" bikes for tight single track. For going fast, I like the 650 much better. The 650 is a little heavier, but, Oh, the Speed and torque! The newer 450's feel like a 250 compared to the XRR, weight and speed. The 450's wind out much sooner than the 650. The 650 just keeps going. At 90 plus MPH on a dirt road, that's as fast as I want to go. You made a good choice for a work machine. Thanks for the great write ups on your project XRR!
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