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  1. Moses, Megatron, First off well done. I have to say after hunting for quite some time that this thread holds some of the most pertinent and well put information that I have been able to find. I have an '02 3500 ram dually that I tow with delivering travel trailers and 5th wheels across the country. I put a lot of miles on and half of that time under load of generally 8 to 15,000 pounds of tow weight. I have the automatic transmission and 4.10 rear end. I am no mechanic and a lot of what I read is greek to me so I'm hoping to get some advice from those that I believe are in the know. I drive dead heading with my RPM set at 2000 splitting the line which my gps reads out at 65, and towing as well with my O/D on unless i'm pulling mountains and then I turn it off only when the hill starts and I know its enough to drop my gear and turn it back on when I crest. I'm making 19-20 miles per gallon (on my overhead display) dead heading and 10 (average) when hauling despite the weight. This is with the truck fully stock (25 gal, reserve tank in the bed, no tailgate). This weekend I went out and upgraded the exhaust to 4" from the turbo back with an aero muffler and picked up a K&N filter (despite some folks dislike of them, only ever had good luck myself). I am hoping to see some better fuel efficiency from the move but both were out of necessity (exhaust rusted out and I got tired of paying for a paper filter every-time). I am only looking for efficiency as it affects my bottom line. I have no interest in increased power or noise, in fact I almost went stock with the exhaust system again for that very reason, I have to be able to live with the truck spending 11 hours in the seat a day and sleeping in it more than occasionally. This seems long winded, so I'll get to it, I'm looking for advice on fuel efficiency, i.e. -maintenance practices, upgrades, and most importantly driving techniques, I have no idea what my optimal peak RPM is? and with that being said, longevity of my truck is foremost. I would like to see her join the million mile club someday. Let me know what ya think...
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