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  1. Moses thank you for your quick reply. I had one more question before I go do all this. Can a 32RH swap be done with minimal effort, or is it better to keep what I have. We are just using the jeep for light off road and cruising around town so I'm trying to not do unnecessary things that won't be useful.
  2. I purchased a '97 Wrangler with a 2.5L and as I'm reading I think has a 30RH 3 speed automatic transmission. The transmission has some serious issues that have me teetering on rebuild/replacement. I was wondering if it could be adjusted in the same manner as the 32RH? I had read through the forum on this page regarding band adjustment, oil cooler, etc... With that said here are the issues: The transmission will not engage into first gear if shifter is left in drive. I can however manually shift it through the gears with much better efficiency. The kickdown rarely works, so again I must manually downshift to create the necessary power to get up to speed. The transmission fluid smells a little burnt but has good red color. Before I drop the pan and dig in, is there anything I can do from the exterior before I end my summer fun? I have no real history on the vehicle and it has 173k on the odometer. I'm leaning towards adjusting the throttle cable first to see if it helps. I just did a full tune on the motor and it did help a bit with power.
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