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  1. My truck has the reverse recall done it scared the hell out of me the first time I tried to back up to my trailer I had jumped out to check my alignment aND I was dead on all I needed was 2 more inches so I jumped 1/2 in put it in reverse and started to back up and I though I had set off the alarm some how. However I am kind of worried that my odometer was tempered with the truck is a 2007 and it only has 20k but it does not have factory tires on it and the air filter was super dirty and the car fax said the truck had never been out of Florida but all the bare metal surfaces in the truck show a lot of surface rust and aluminum has lot of oxidation and I had to replace one of the hose clamps on the como because was so rusty that broke and cause a turbo leak. Maybe I'm just being paranoid does any of that sound odd to you.
  2. Awesome information as usual. Can I just walk into a Dodge dealer and ask them to reflash my ecu with the most current tune for my vehicle and if so how much dose it cost (best guess). Btw. Update on the hunt to find a tailgate bumper and topper to replace my hydraulic lift gate. I finally got in touch with someone who lives close two me a who has a tailgate and fiberglass topper with tinted windows that came off an 07 silver (same color as mine) Dodge Ram 3500 for 1000 now all I need is a bumper I found 1 on amazon for 169 new it says it comes with all the brackets and hardware to install it on the truck it's chrome just like my front bumper and comes with the black rubber foot skids. It sounds suspiciously inexpensive to me does that price send up any red flags for you? Thanks again both of you for your time experience and advice.
  3. Another thing I have noticed is when I'm using tow haul mode the truck dose not shift till 2500 rpm even when keeping a constant speed on flat ground. I don't like driving around town at 45 turning 2500 rpm. Will it hert the truck to tow my trIlor without using tow haul mode
  4. Thank you both very much for taking the time to teach me a little about diesel teck. I'm have an interesting issue with my truck. I bought an OBD2 code reader for my old truck and it worked great but it will not read the pcm on this 1 it works on my 06 1500, my 94 Integra, my wife's 08 VW.eos and my friends 2012 hemi 1500 and it will auto identify that the truch is a 07 r a ram 3500 but keeps saying it can't conect to the pcm. I have also found that I'm only getting around 10mpg. With a combination of 50/50 Hauling and bob tail 50/50 city hyw. While doing a fairly good job of staying 1600 and 1900 when accelerating and cruising my trailer is a little under 10k and I'm in south fla. So the only hills I see are dumps I was hoping to be around 14mpg. I have changed the air filter for a new Fram and checkd the oil it looks and smells fresh any ideas?
  5. Sorry you asked a couple questions and I didn't answer them. The truck is a 2007 dodge ram 3500 dully 5.9 turbo diesel single cab 8 foot bed complete stock 4 speed auto and I'm turn 1900 at about 68 miles an hour so if any body can tell me the rear gear ratio I'm shure you can. It currently has a hydraulic lift gate like new condition I would like to sell and put a nice bumper tail gate and topper on to better suit my needs. I would like to make it as fuel efficient as possible so any and all ideas a few things I'm thinking of starting with are a 4 or 5 in. Exhaust and EGR delete any possible guidance to help avoid pit falls in my experience with other vehicles lowering belly pans and air splitters can give remarkable improvements do they help in this aplication.
  6. My truck is a 2wd. Auto I drive in severe traffic in Miami Florida a lot and using a manual under those conditions seamed like a bad idea. Since this purchase is a business decisions shaded buy personal preference it is of ut most importance that the purchases for this vehicle are right the first time around and the maticulus maintenance of this vehicle is just as important any suggestions from from you and your very experienced readers will be greatly appreciated.I am chasing gas milage and longevity just like all businesses minded person in my position but unfortunately I suffer from being a horse power enthusiasts as well as a shade tree machanic. I have no previous diesel experience I am excited to learn.
  7. Hello Moses, I am a first time diesel owner as of Friday of last week. I tow a 10,000 pound tandem axle trailer for my plumbing company and I put 171,086 miles on my 2006 Dodge Ram crew cab SLT 1500 with the 4.7 pulling this rig. Due to a thermostat failure I did major damage to the motor and did not have time to rebuild that motor even though I just rebuilt the tranny at 156,743 and put new computers in it 3 weeks ago was getting ready to order a fully rebuilt motor from a reputable sorce but this happened a little to soon. So I put on my big boy pants and bought a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 dully short cab 8 foot bed it is the ST model with 5.9 high output Cummins turbo diesel with only 26,324 miles on it and as an added bonus it came with a fully working very good condition liftgate. I loved my 1500 and I couldn't believe all of the work it was able to do and how comfortable it was and how little problems I had with it for all of the abuse I put it through so when it came to getting a new truck there was no question who I was going with. my question one of many is I had four doors on my other truck so on a weekly basis I'm out of town 4 or 5 days a week so I take luggage extra boots just anything I think I'll need this truck does not have the back seat so I am in desperate need of getting rid of the liftgate and putting a bumper, tailgate and a topper on the truck. have a little bit of money and whatever I can sell the lift gate 4 to purchase those items I have found the bumper and all the brackets brand new for a relatively good price and the tailgate. my question is do you think that one of the flat tonneau cover type is better for gas mileage when towing my work trailer or A large camper top style. I believe a nice camper style with the stepped roof would be more beneficial and also have a better look over all for the styling of the truck. thank you for any information you can give me by respect your opinions.
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