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  1. That's some great news biggman, I always like to know I'm not the first when it comes to things like this. Would you know if he's taking it on the highway or just offroading?
  2. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this. It turned out there were a few other issues with the truck that took precedence over the 4wd. I was talking with my mechanic last night and he brought up the idea of just locking the front axle in 4wd and just using the transfer case to enable/disable it. The idea was just to see if he can manually actuate the disconnect. This seems similar to the idea of swapping the front axle with a non-disconnect model. Do you guys see any issues with this? Luke
  3. I've looked at the posi lok kit and would love to just put that in but they say in their FAQ that they're working on Dakota support. If you then google around on that you'll see that they've been making the claim of future Dakota support for a couple years.
  4. First off. Thanks biggman100 and moses for helping me get on the board. That is the part in the left of the picture. From what I've been able to find, the 90-91 part is unique to those two years, my friend was able to pull a part # 4338578. I did find this post on another forum that presents a possible solution. http://dodgeforum.com/forum/1st-gen-dakota/345534-1989-dakota-frnt-axle-actuator.html#post2988536. Any thoughts on swapping out the guts of the actuator with a new one? If the internals are identical as he says it seems like a viable solution to me. Thanks again!
  5. I'm looking at buying my friend's 1991 Dodge Dakota with a frozen front axle switch motor. At least that's how my mechanic friend has diagnosed it. Unfortunately it seems that part is particular to the 1990-91 Dakota. In my search around the net looking for a solution I came across a post from biggman100 and contacted him to see if he could help out at all. He then said I should sign up for your forum as you might be able to offer a solution. If you know of anything that could help me track down a way to replace or bypass the switch motor I would appreciate it. Thanks...Luke
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