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  1. Moses, firstly, I have read many of the articles pertaining to emission problems with the 2.5 Jeep Wranglers on this website. This magazine and forum are one of the most organized and helpful I have experienced on the internet as a whole. Great job, sir. I am having the current symptons on my 1990 Jeep Wrangler (2.5): 1). It idles well but will heavily bog upon acceleration. 2). It will ocassionaly stall upon deacceleration (coming to a stop out of second gear, etc). This problem comes and goes which has me thinking it is most likely due to something being clogged, dirty, disconnected. If you agree that a good place to start is to clean the grounds, I will do that first. Do you have any way of easily helping me locate the grounds (pictures, etc.)? I am handy but definitely a novice mechanic so basic explanations are most palatable for me. Thanks in advance! Joshua
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