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  1. theres no power to the cab someone choped that and the connections under the dash all need to be taken apart and serviced for corosion
  2. success the starter work and it turns our now to figure out powering the ignition system properly
  3. leaves have been turning yellow for a few weeks now tameracks not yet at least
  4. indeed dry weather today so was able to get under it proper and yes it has a transfer case between the main driveshaft and the trans managed to get the starter to click like i have a dead battery or bad battery conection witch is prolly bit of both since using a worn out loader battery. but thats a step forward
  5. had a look today in the rain hard to get photo with out geting soaked but looks like theres a transfercase for the front diff like you said
  6. been to wet with rain to lay in the grass theres room to lay under the truck even with a flat tire
  7. spent few hrs frustraited trying to get power to stuff only to find a chopped wire under the dash for the postivie lead leading to some face palm moments. all the elctrical needs to come apart and get cleaned plus the harnes is a spegeti of splices poor thing. theres 3 shift levers that all apear to be hooked up 2 are stuff one moves something on the transmision so maybe theres a transfercase i didnt notice?? also a short shaft stashed behind the back seat so maybe it does have 4wd just not atached? got some crawling around to do tomarrow eve and discoved the gas pedal is missing the assembly it push's on is still there going up to the carb thoough minus the clip that ataches to to the carb.
  8. also im guesing from random looking around online i dont have stock front seats? rear seat is like new
  9. update from the sidetrack above spent the evening poking at it pulled the plugs they all look ok sept one prolly should find a set of new plug wires though these ones look doobious the distributer cap is loose wont stay on for some reason but other wise looks clean on the points put socket on the crank and it turned over easy took a valve cover off and looked nice put back together as i need a suringe to put oil into cylders puled all the random parts laying loose in the cabin out to bring home and sort clean up least found the the frames for the headlights and trim floors shure solid in it but needs good cleaning for surface rust. has that sound u want to hear as well in the metal f drivers floor though as a hole someone screwed a plate over tope to fix. whats this for found it under the seat the grills not on but think ive seen it around all the windows go up and down even the smashed one guse its fractured but should get replaced as for windsheild willneed a new one. suggestions on vosts and finding will also need all new ruber for it all question on the 383 does it need 2 belts for the alternator or just the one that feeds it and the fan? that is curently loossse dont know allot about v blocks. sprayed wd40 on all the blots i think i need to adjust to tighten the belt.
  10. ive got a garage im in process of getting ready to empty my stash of glass out of to another location i can properly sort it in
  11. long winters and cabins ftw now to fire up the sauna ;') the green colour is from northern lights
  12. lynn lake its pritty far up almmost end of the highway looks flat in that photo but its hilly with all the scaring from the glaciers
  13. been realy wet up here last few yrs. finaly had bit of a drough earlyer in summer when we ha 110weather and lots of smoke from fires hell the town almost burned down after a pole fire set the bush ablaze on a 110 day nothing like looking out ur window to a wall of flames scary scary stuff overall a small area but it took off fast just lucky its been so wet up here
  14. indeed hopefully have some time this week to get the motor running and try move it lots rain this week in forcast
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