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  1. Quick update! I think my friend has found right fitment. Blue arrow is indicating the original port plug and others are different style fitments my friend found. Let see what fits best
  2. Thanks Moses, you are wonderful! Main issue finding correct fitment is that we have everything sized by centimeters. And that plug in test port is sized by inches. I have now unplugged it and my friend will ask around in stores if they have that kind of right size fitment for it. If we find right fitment size I have many different adapters to fit my fuel pressure gauge for it. I have now bought fuel filter and before trying to start engine, we will change it first. Yesterday when turning key in ignition we heard fuel pump every time buzzing, so I think it might be filter or pump
  3. Thanks Moses. I perhaps explained it wrong. I had T-piece when I checked the fuel pressure. T-piece was under car (end of hard line and start from hose line) fuel flow trough throttle body normally to return line to gas tank. I know that optimal would be checking pressure from test port but I have hard time finding correct fitment (is there any link to ebay or some other place where I can find correct fitment?). But, yeah, you are correct; that way we measured was incoming line from fuel pump, not from test port. How much it should be? 30-40psi when cranking? If so, then we have clogged f
  4. Ok, just worked yesterday with Jeep. Checked these things: TPS. I took it out from throttle body and measured again. It shows 4,999V when throttle is wide open and I gradually moved that position and voltage changed from 0-5V very well without having problems. So, TPS is fine. I checked fuel pressure and when cranking it gave 12-14PSI. No start. Should cranking pressure be more than that? I measured pressure from fuel incoming line but not from the throttle body pressure port (I didn't have correct fitment for fuel pressure port) but under Jeep (where is the quicklocking system at ha
  5. Yeah. I think I will start checking fuel system after I got the fuel pressure gauge. Then I can check the pressure and also filter. I would like to drop the tank, but unfortunately before Jeep had this problem I filled the tank so I have to drain all fuel. Well, I'll be back soon and tell what I will discover..
  6. Something has been done. First of all, I didn't remember that this earlymodel YJ doesn't have CEL light. Well, I checked ecu connector/pins and they were like they were build yesterday. Brand new condition. Then I checked fuel pump relay. Just little a bit dirty, nothing major. I tried to crank it and for my surprise, engine started! But it run VERY rough and immediatly died when I pushed gas pedal. I took multimeter and measured TPS. It gave very weird readings. If I remember right, input voltage was something like 5,085V and output 0,845V. That can't be right? What is the right way
  7. And again, very much thank you Moses I will check all these and report back what happened (or didn't happen ). Se ya soon!
  8. Thanks Moses for answers! Next things I will do: 1. Check ECU plug for corrosion and if the connector is loose. Not done this yet. 2. I just bought a fuel pressure gauge set, and I will check how much pump is giving pressure to TBI unit. I saw that there is port for adapter and gauge to hook up. How much pressure should be when you just turn key (no cranking)? I saw that MPI pressure should be 31psi, but TBI should not be that "high"? When car runs (in my case not) pressure should be 14-15psi. 3. Just checked out that distributor is very snug and not moving at all. 4. After
  9. And one notification: should check engine light come on when I turn the key? Only light that is on is seat belt. What I have been reading CEL should come on when turning key? That is why I'm thinking that there might be something wrong with ECM, perhaps loose connection or corrosion? And it won't even fire up with starter spray. Usually if everything is okay it should fire up with this method?
  10. Hello from the different part of the world. I just signed up and this forum/tech help seems to be the best forum for old 4WD cars, specially for jeeps. Lots of topics about problem finding and other cool stuff. I like this kind of helpful forums and reading multiple topics, seems that you Moses have a full time job to answer for everybody 😄 All your answers are pretty long and go trough very specific information, I like this way of doing this. But anyway let's get into the business! I live here in Finland (no, we DON'T have polar bears roaming around our streets) and we have very few thes
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