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  1. Opps. In rereading the manual I realize that it is describing the cps that is reading the position of the small teeth on the flywheel which is for the 4.0l. As far as the 4.2l conversion, I do see that there are notches cut into the side of the dampener closest to the engine.
  2. I have some confusion about the harmonic dampener and cps. On the 4.2l efi conversion the cps should be installed to the right of (as you are looking down at) the harmonic dampener. In my service manual it actually has a section on the 4.2l with efi conversion and it shows the dampener as having many teeth that the cps unit reads magnetically to locate #1 tdc. However on my dampener I cant see any fine teeth. So I am confused because you mentioned that the kit comes with a 4.0 harmonic dampener but from what I've seen, the 4.0 engine's cps sensor is towards the back of the engine on the driver
  3. I have an '89 yj 4.2l with mpi conversion although I am not certain if it is from the mopar kit or is a mix. The pcm is for the 4.2l mpi conversion and the intake is stamped as a 4.0l intake but I dont know if its been modified and if the mopar used the 4.0l intakes or modified 4.0l intake or something else. I would really apreciate the wiring diagram for the mopar kit because I'd like to be able to sort out how this should look. I am interested to compare the mopar conversion wiring with the 4.0l wiring and my own system to get a clear picture of how this thing is put together so I know it's
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