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  1. Moses, Thank you for your help and insight. It seems to be the bearing. Another brand fit perfectly and slid all the way down the retainer tube. I measured the cast bearing (the one that did not work) from Crown and it has a stepped inside diameter where the pressure plate side was tighter than the transmission side. The tighter side created a friction fit with the tube and stopped the rearward travel. Thank you for your help, Bob
  2. I am wondering is this really worth it. I have heard of people being plague with internal slave quality issues so that was my reason for attempting the change. Are the internal slaves that bad? Thank you
  3. The measurements from the engine to the cover fingers is 2.51" and the bellhousing to the bearing face is 2.43". The wear marks appear to be right at the collar but it's kinda difficult to tell. Thanks, Bob
  4. I have attached 2 photos. One showing the retainer and the other the retainer with the bearing as far it will go on. The release arm, slave and master were purchased new for a 95 but the bell housing and retainer were ebay'ed from salvage yards.
  5. Great site! I have what I hope is a simple question. I needed to replace the slave cylinder on a 92 AX5 so I am attempting to convert to an external. I picked up a 95 bell housing and 95 front bearing retainer. The bearing only slides down the bearing retainer tube about 90% of the length of the bearing. It just looks like it should go down further. Is this an issue? I thought maybe the bearing was incorrect so I bought another from another store and it stops at the end of the tube as well.
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