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  1. Thanks Moses, I cleared the codes and they haven't returned yet so I'll check the TPS as soon as I find a bit warmer day. No heat in the detached garage means no working out there on cold New England days.
  2. New here and tried searching but came up with nothing similar. My 06 LJ 4.0 (155000 miles) recently developed a habit of going to a fast idle/high rev of around 1500 RPM's or so. If I blip the throttle it settles down until you take of again and it repeats. I installed a Genright 31.5 gallon fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump assembly at the same time because it was a whole lot easier and I didn't want to drop the new tank anytime soon. I had a code for EVAP system small leak which I attributed to the vent hose from the tank to the filler neck as the hose that came with the tank was rather short and had no clamps. I installed it and put some zip ties on it until I could get a new section of line and clamp, which I did a week or so later. I also had a code for O2 sensor which I forgot to write down but it was present long before these symptoms began. I have searched for vacuum leaks but it's possible I might have missed one. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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