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  1. The part I am referencing was actually part of the hardtop before it ripped off when the rivets pulled out. I am also assuming the hardtop was an original factory part. The diagram you show seems as if the different parts are removable. The hardtop I have all those parts are one large fiberglass top. I don't know how those different parts could be removed individually. I will take photos and post next. The part that most looks like what I am trying to describe would be 4 possibly.
  2. Hi, I have a hard top that has had the part that attaches it to the windshield ripped off. The rivets are ripped out and the seam is lost. It used to be part of the hard top. Do you know how I can replace it? It is a thin flat piece of metal that used to be riveted right to the hard top right where it met the windshield. 1983 CJ7 top was original equip
  3. I have a 5 speed CJ7 and want to convert to an automatic with overdrive for highway travel. Which transmission should I choose?
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