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  1. I have the advantage of having access to a 2001 escape in need of a new engine. That is why I am wondering. A beetle tdi came up at auction this last week and that is what got the thoughts going. The weight is under 4300#. Will they be making the R2.8l so it will fit specifically into an escape or just an explorer?
  2. Thanks Moses. I have been looking at the R2.8l and it is interesting. Having just given up my TDI in the buy back, I know how great of an engine it was. Over 50,000 miles, I averaged 48.3 mpg. Living in Idaho and in the rural section, the emissions are not that big of deal. I also think that when the fix comes in, it will not be that drastic that it can not be done to the change over. Would the R2.8 fit into an Escape?
  3. Any thoughts about possibility of putting a VW TDI engine in a 2000-2003 Ford Escape 4X4?
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