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  1. Thanks, I'm sure you've guessed by now I am not well versed in automatic transmission technology (and this has been a learning experience- Its broke so let's fix it) I did read the service manual prior to disassembly and replacement of the overdrive unit. That was the reason for purchasing a rebuilt unit -I lacked the proper tools to safely and correctly repair the unit. During assembly I paused at the shim installation, but having no other shims I danced with the one what brung me. Everthing bolted tight so lets see what happens? (yeah I know dats a lotta work if it don't - still have fingers crossed that Murphy is hiding else where and I intend to run him down). Yes, I missed the drain down mod although I do remember the issue and reason for it. AS to rough down shifting haven't experienced it yet but, have been trying to go easy on this trans until all is working. My heart and mind say "aye" to the Allison conversion, but the better half and my wallet say otherwise. To be honest I haven't read the article you referenced (life happens) but I will. Your repeated reference to "drbt" and a intensive study of the electrical side of the 48re (again the service manual) indicates that a bi-directional scan tool is required so I am working to access such an animal- seems one can exercise some of the signal pins which might prove helpful. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks so the truck will be put on punishment until I can get back.
  2. Not sure what you meant by anti drain back mod. I followed the "48re survival guide" and was meticulous about keeping all valve body parts clean during reassembly. One nagging thought is the shim for the overdrive, as I did not have shims , I installed the existing one. Could you expound on what the purpose of that shim is and how it might affect the od operation? I certainly appreciate your advise as I am certainly not a tranmission technofile, as per your above communication, I only want to keep the truck running as it is the devil I know (or am coming to know). Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Kind sir: You have given me much to chew on and quite promptly I might add.
  4. Sorry If this topic has been addressed elsewhere but I have been unable to locate anything relevant. Here goes. I have a 2006 Dodge truck with 5.9L diesel and 48re auto trans. All stock no chips- no previous mods -very little towing (one hand times to haul cattle). At 93000+ I got the dreaded cracked overdrive housing ( discovered in short order due to fluid loss). Replaced the overdrive with a rebuilt one from a reputable parts vendor and during this operation did the suggested 48re survival update (sonnax parts) recommended on this site. Yes I was lurking and learning. Also adjusted band to factory specs. Trans show marked improvement in the shifting department but the overdrive does not appear to be working, so my engine rpms are in the upper range. Could any one offer any suggestion on where to begin addressing this issue.