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  1. Hoping I'm right about this one, but would like to hear what you guys think. I had a slight sputtering issue at high rpm. A can of injector cleaner and it would run great for a couple dozen miles, then pick up again. I decided to fill it up with high octane and a half can of sea foam for good measure. Now, it's much worse. Almost like it's struggling to pull fuel. It sputters and shudders pretty bad. I replaced the fuel filter and pcv, cleaned egr valve to no avail. My main issue is I can't find the adapter to hook up a fuel pressure tester to the rail. I've looked and it seems you have to special order it. Question for you guys- could the catalytic converter be causing this and throwing an egr code? I'm guessing it would be injectors, plugs, or fuel pump but hadn't considered the cat until a buddy told me about a similar experience he had that was caused by a clogged cat. Any similar experiences and outcomes would be greatly appreciated too
  2. I just bought a 97 Tracker. Mechanically, it is in great shape. However, I was hoping somebody on here who knows what their way around one could help me out with some of the issues that it does have. - The clear plastic cover in front of the gauge display is, what appears to be, scratched. to the point that I don't think sanding is a viable option. What would be the best way and where would I go to look to replace the plastic cover? - On the drivers side, the "step", or strip of body underneath the door has 2 pretty sizeable rust holes. Should I just take it to a body shop or is there an easier DIY way to fix it? - The tracks to move both seats are what seems to be rusted to the point where they absolutely will not move. Generous amounts of WD40 and PB blaster did not help at all. What would be the best way to get em moving? - Underneath the geo, there is hardly any rust. The original owner had the frame lined. However, with the small rust issues, (the previously mentioned door step and also underneath the battery reservoir), should I be worried about rust in the floor panels? - It is the 3 speed automatic, and driving it 400 miles back from where it was purchased- surprisingly- there were not any issues. Until 4000+ rpm were being maintained and it would putt like it was trying to stall out. It never did actually stall out. I threw a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in and haven't had the issue since. Is this common with these motors? (16 valve)? Is it better to continue with the fuel injector cleaner or simply replace the injectors? - There is apparently a leak somewhere on the passenger side door to the point where water is making its way through the door and depositing on the passenger side floor. Being stationed in Virginia at the moment, that means a sheet of ice on the passenger floor. The window liner appears to be in working order. Can looks be deceiving? Should the liner be replaced, and if not, what else could be causing the leak? That's just about everything I can think of at the moment. If anybody has any input on any of these issues or just some general geo knowledge, I'd love to hear it.
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