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  1. Very nice. I have my Dad's old 1984 dodge Ram 150 with 318 going to check into that 4 Cummings for that . Ok so do you think its the EGR cooler that is heating up the 6.7 and I am still not understanding how the heated exhaust routed back into the intake is cooler than the outside air temp going in there.
  2. Very interesting, I will read this. I wonder why they are not using the EGR any longer? And Thank you so much for the info. will check back after I look at these links.
  3. I will have to do 67500 EGR service soon where they will clean EGR cooler and lines and replace crank case filter $750 for the service work. I think it is 200 bucks plus a smarty tuner for engine codes to delete these items, I also watched an interesting video about the carbon foot print that the EGR and DEF systems add to the environment do to the extra fuel burn caused by EGR and catalectic convertor. plus the carbon foot print with the production of all the plastic DEF bottles and boxes not to mention the fuel burn to deliver product to stores and or to fuel island at truck stops anyway t
  4. No this truck is all stock and I only use to pull trailer and it always does this when its hot, I am going to say 90 F or higher while pulling trailer up steep grade . I do here the fan speed increase when the temp starts going up. The state I live in does not have any emission inspection or any other type of inspection I would say I am about the only dodge out here that is not deleted. and yes it has fresh mopar fluid the water pump went out last summer so new pump and fluid I think they put new thermostat I will check. Anyway if the older Cummings did not have EGR why would the 6.7 need t
  5. What do you think about EGR & DEF deleting on these trucks? When pulling up steep grades this truck temp goes to the top end of normal range some say with deleted engine they will run cooler.
  6. I was just looking for a way to get the RPM down a little not really looking for increased fuel mileage all though if I made any changes and that was part of result that is ok with me. A friend has almost the same truck his is 3500 with the automatic not sure which one, he also pulls trailer of same weight at 70 mph he is around 1800 RPM so that is why I was looking for a way lower RPM a little looks like it more trouble than it is worth. I guess his RPM is lower with the overdrive and I did not know if there was a gear that could be put in the G56 manual that would do that . I will be putting
  7. Thanks The truck is 4wd DRW have not weighed truck and trailer yet but the max on the trailer 17k will check the tag on truck can't remember what the weight is. I do pull hay trailer approx. weight 23k, around 10 miles but I don't want to limit myself with the truck. Sounds like 373 gears might be the way for me, will check on tires but with DWR I think I am stuck with the 19.5 I think the tire width will limit what is available. With G56 six speed and 373 gears would that combo pull these two trailer weights around here with steep hills and out on the highway. Were we live in the hills th
  8. I have a 2013 Ram 4500 6.7L. I only use this truck to pull a horse trailer at 17k pounds max weight. The truck is all stock cab and chassis model with G56 six speed 410 gears. At 65 mph rpm is at approximately 2100 rpm. Is there a way to lower the rpm in 6th gear?
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