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  1. Talked to Waterloo Transmission who rebuilt it. He feels it's not the tranny. Possibly the brake switch, OD switch, EGR code or some other electrical. They bench test them & there was no trouble with it.
  2. Morning. I found codes using the OTC scanner 040, 041,033,077,074,065. I cleared them but they come right back. Another thing I noticed when test driving again is when it's in 3RD. It feels like a semi in LOW gear being 3rd is lower than 1st & 2nd. Waiting to hear from tranny shop on their opinion.
  3. On Monday I'm calling the tranny shop that rebuilt it. They said it was pretty tore up. No shift kit added just standard rebuild. It was purchased for $200 with tranny issues & blown motor! I believe they test them after the rebuild. It has 12,000 mile 12 month warranty also. However I have a OTC Diagnostic system to check for codes. Thanks for the input!
  4. Hi all, I recently had my 1990 Bronco (5.8w )4EOD trans rebuilt but it doesn't shift out of 2nd gear. Reverse slams pretty hard. You can tell it's in second by downshifting into 1st. It almost is like it's in bewteen 4wd low & high but it's in 2wd. Hope someone can give me a few tips. Thanks Dale
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