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Jeep TJ Wrangler 32RH with Strange 2nd to 3rd shift, governor suspected

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Once again I have this issue for like 3 years. Trans would not shift from 2nd to 3rd  on slow speed by default, it would go into neutral and after I give some more throttle it would downshift to 2nd.  If I get to 40 mph or similar, once I release throttle pedal it would shift to 3rd and after that everything works fine - no problem at any speed. So my guesses are that something is stuck in valve body or governor.
Until now filter has been replaced, fluid flushed (was red even before flush), TV cable adjusted, bands adjusted.

The reasons why I suspect on governor valve is that this seems to be related to vehicle speed. Why I suspect about it sticking is that once (or twice) times the trans gets into 3rd after driving at greater speeds, it will work fine until i turn of vehicle and leave it for  3-4 hours, sometimes less sometimes more.
I also remember that once I got stuck in some pond and engine turned off because of hydrolock, so trans spent some time in water. After that the problem was gone, and it reappeared after two months. I immediately flushed trans that time but there was no water in it however. Could it be that there is some crud that block weights in governor and make it stuck sometimes? Am I missing something or the problem is probably governor?

I've also noticed that when the car is cold (like if i leave it overnight) the trans shifts from 1st to 2nd at later rpm on same throttle applied (like shifts occur on 2100rpm when cold and bit below 2000 rpm when warm)


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zidodcigalah...Your diagnosis may be right:  governor or valve body issue.  The symptom, however, is that the front and rear clutch are not applying to engage 3rd gear...The governor valve is difficult to access on your TJ Wrangler 32RH;  to access the governor valve for repairs, you might as well rebuild the transmission at the same time.  

However, before I would do anything else, the best diagnostic tool at this point is a transmission pressure gauge test.  All test ports on these Chrysler 3-speed automatics are accessible with the transmission in the chassis and oil pan in place.  

I have taken the time to copy the steps involved in a pressure check and yellow highlighted key points.  Note that 3rd gear is the application of the front and rear clutches, so these apply pressures are critical.  The actual pressures in each gear, Drive and at the governor need to be verified with a test gauge.  This is very helpful for pinpointing trouble.  The concern beyond this would be the valve body and a sticky valve(s).  

The 3rd gear "neutral" sensation that you describe sounds like lack of fluid apply pressure at the front and/or rear clutch.  This could be low pump/line pressure, either no or low clutch apply pressure, a sticky governor or a valve body issue.

If you have the skill and want to remove, clean and restore the valve body performance, you can also perform the front and rear clutch apply air pressure checks with the valve body removed.  Those in-chassis steps are also in the PDF:

Jeep 30RH-32RH Pressure Test Diagnostics.pdf

There are Chrysler RH/RE transmission survival modifications that I've covered in detail at the magazine.  If you go into the valve body, this is also a good time for these upgrades:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/Survival-Upgrades-for-Jeep-and-Dodge-Ram-Automatic-Transmissions?r=1.


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