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Hello im new to this im from hawaii and have taken intrest in jeeps i have a 89 yj 2.5l tbi and just dropped a brand new reman motor and am having idle issues i set timing and with new plugs distributer wires new iac coolant temp o2 sensor fuel pressure reg. I have a miss or a rough idle that i cant figure out it smooths out if i press the wide open throttle sensor but as soon as i press gas goes back to rough idle also the egr soloid i pulled the plug out to see if there is diffeence and nothing im guessing its that . Help pls used to working on old toyotas

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Hi, Nalu, welcome to the forums!  We have covered the 2.5L TBI issues extensively, there is a lot of discussion to sift through.  At the forums search box (top right on each page), change the search from "This Topic" to "All Content" then search under "TBI Troubleshooting".  You'll get a lot of support.

As for the EGR, test the device.  Protect your hand/fingers from engine heat, unseat the EGR diaphragm while the engine is idling.  If you hear a distinct change in engine speed, the valve is working.  If engine speed is unchanged when you unseat the valve, the valve is leaking.  You should hear a shift to more engine roughness with the EGR valve open (unseated).

Let's start here...See what you discover and share.  We can go from there.


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